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Table of Contents-

What We Can’t Live Without
When Locks are Ignored
Security System Formats
Network Cameras
Multi Channel/Camera CCTV Systems
Standalone DVRs/NVRs
Rear View Car Cameras
Trail & Game Cameras
Biometric Scanners
Baby Monitors
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Security Product Costs
Home Security Installation
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Where to Place Your Cameras


Add Intelligence to Your Home, Make It a

‘Smart Home’

What We Can’t Live Without

Have you thought about how much we depend on electronic devices? What was once new and amazing is now common and ordinary. Take digital cameras for example. The digital camera has taken many forms and functions and is soon to become completely ‘ordinary’ in many aspects of life. From the morning commute using one of our backup cameras — to the time its ‘lights-out’ and “motion-detection” is activated on a multiple channel camera system for an entire property security system, here at Camerasecurityreviews.com we have a wide selection of Home Security Systems and electronic gadgets designed to make your life in these current times easier AND safer.

Gadgets do everything these days. With simple tools a front door dome camera can be installed at home letting those inside see who is outside. This one camera system can be inexpensive and effective. Most people already have the equipment needed to complete such a system. The smart phone.

When Your Home Locks are Ignored…

Home Intruder Stats

What Bunglers Like-

burglar security system
A Thief

Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems because they don’t want to get caught. The tiny guilty feeling that a burglar may get stops them like a child in trouble with their parents. See our article on the Psychology of a Burglar for more on this. A University of North Carolina report at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, stated that around 60% of convicted burglars said the known presence of a security system influenced their thoughts to target a different home or a different neighborhood. Need we say more? When do burglaries take place? Somewhere between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m when people work or go to school. Its assumed that no one will be home at those times. Seems like an IP camera or security camera would be a good investment. One with motion detection keeping recorded content to only those times an object or person is with in range? Activate the option for push alerts to be notified any time. Perhaps a street view from your driveway camera, for monitoring packages or delivery personnel. Alerts right to your phone would be great too.

Just Walk In!-

Another stunning fact is most burglars live within two miles of the victims home. They can easily scope out the residence on a regular basis and determine the usual activity of those living there. Burglars look for homes that are easy targets and have isolated entryways or yards. So having a camera at each corner of the house would provide video surveillance easily. If you regularly leave door open or widows ajar, well, that’s not safe. Entry through ‘open’ doors and windows account for a large percentage of nearly 30% of home invasions. Use a good quality knob-and-lock set and a heavy-duty deadbolt, mount a security camera to the porch ceiling, and have personal protection. So try to lock up your stuff.

They Took What?!?!-

On average, the list of home items taken during a burglary stays consistent. Top dollar items that can be sold for a fast turnaround are usually grabbed first. Average total in stolen property is near $2,349. Top stolen items include:

  • Cash
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Firearms
  • Precious Metal Items(silver flatware, art)

Camerasecurityreviews.com has single wireless IP network cameras for under $200. That’s a pretty small investment to take back control of your home when your away. Not only do you lose property value, the mental health of dealing with a break-in may be a greater loss. Also we offer up to 32 channel systems for absolute total-property viewing range. The FBI reports that burglary victims suffered $3.9 billion in loss, and almost 75% were typical family homes. Check with your insurance provider, there may be discounts for securing your home with the right security system.

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Home Security Camera Systems and Reviews

security camera products best of
Brands from the USA, Europe, and Far East give the shopper a wide range to deduce from. Here brand names such as Amcrest , Annke, D-Link, Q-See, Motorola, Zmodo, Defeway, Ezviz, Reolink, and Night Owl to name a few. Literally hundreds of Outdoor Security Camera Accessories to choose from, DVRs and NVRs, Backup Cameras, Bio-metrics Readers, Wireless Detectors and Wireless Alert Alarms, . Find what you need today!


Security Camera Formats Explained

Security Cameras with SD Cards

Love TBs of Storage More and More-

There are two main categories of security systems with cameras, these are Centralized and Decentralized. Now some will say analog and digital. This used to be true a couple of years ago.
But increasing demand for HD ‘goodness’ has led to a boom in the digital camera market converting most DSP processing of video camera data to HD Digital. And as such has bridged the gap between decentralized only using the analog platform, to full, rich 1080P security cameras. Check out our security camera resolutions page for side by side, er.. top to bottom in this case, images of the common formats for video resolution. Now IP cameras are high definition and non-IP cameras can be high-definition. Wide or narrow viewing angles grab different aspects of the same scene. An outdoor camera may overlap its view onto an adjacent business and in this case you may lean toward a narrower field of view. security camera lens angle comparison infographicWide angles of 110 degrees or more would be great for a room to get a wall to wall blanket of coverage.

So back to the two categories…each one has pros and cons to them. Decentralized is a DVR based system comprising of cameras, a central recorder and processor for video, and a monitor to view recordings and user interface menus. This may be called CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) in many circles. Many multi-channel outdoor security systems are of this type. Apps allow cloud access so decentralized systems aren’t really isolated from remote locations completely. All of this is contained in a home network array(No access to internet or outside world,to a point.) Centralized systems or IP Network cameras give flexibility for remote viewing and access to recordings.
Again Apps make this a easy step-by-step process. The concept behind centralized cameras is a self-contained system, comprised of a camera, storage medium, an internet residing address(the address your camera lives).


Network Cameras-Easy Wireless Home Monitoring

Wireless IP Security Cameras

Easy, single cameras connecting to your home or apartment’s WiFi router and power outlet is all you need to view your home live with a WiFi Camera. From amazing 1080P to Ultra HD 4K resolution, IP cameras are taking the industry by storm with their simple setup and use.  A stand alone PTZ(point-tilt-zoom) camera is limited to your imagination. Cameras are built with a photo optic lens just like its bigger CCTV brothers.  The light sensing image senors are typically CMOS and again are much like the outdoor cameras in larger systems.  ONVIF standards keep the controls and functions within the industry compliant language making it easy to use cameras and switchers from many different manufactures together.  DSP circuitry transmits sensor data to a DVR.  Digital file data is then compressed into the MPEG-2  type, and then forwarded for recording externally, or an internally installed SD media card. Set it up in your garage for cars or bikes, the baby room for kids, or as a web-cam to communicate with other family members. Funlux has turned into a reliable brand with many satisfied customers to date. home ip camera remote viewing Annke has several IP network based cameras as well as DropCam, with step-by-step instructions to get you up and running today. Looking for something with a Live Security Feed to your phone? Review any point in time or always keep up with live feeds straight to you, via your choice of smart phone, desktop PC, tablet, or even a specialized security system with independent monitor control. Perhaps, a wide viewing angle 170 degrees or greater is necessary for front door situations? You’ll be surprised how easy it is.  Need help setting up your IP camera?  Visit our IP Setup Guide for more help with that.

Night vision functionality is done with IR LED sensors that illuminate at dark. The human eye cannot see this light spectrum, but a camera can. That is essentially how night vision in a security system works. Two-way audio is not as common but is offered on a few network/IP cameras. Find the latest IP Security Cameras Brands, or simply a Web network cam for media production. Home Security Systems with apps for smartphone is now the standard the industry standard. Many of our Complete Systems offer an app for remote viewing. Interesting enough is not all IP cameras are indoor cameras. Pyle makes an amazing outdoor range of PTZ IP cams that are weather resistant. We have something that is just right for you. Select a category to explore the thousands of items currently in stock.

So How Does This Secure My Stuff?

2,4,6,8 + Multiple Channel Security- Can’t Be Beat!

2 up to 32 Channels!

How does a multi-channel security system achieve your needs? What is CCTV and how do you use it in your home? CCTV (Closed-Circuit-Television) is a fancy term for a unique group of cameras that have no functioning connection for monitoring or recording outside of the system. In other words it is just your personal network of cameras and recorders and monitors. You can learn more about CCTV systems and analog and digital cameras on our multi-channel security page. Multiple channel security systems with DVRs, can be packaged in configuration after configuration, such as 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel and so on, you will want to determine what size DVR and how many cameras do you need? How many do you want? A category above will help you dial in just what your looking for.8 channel security system amcrest brand The Amcrest 960H 16-Channel 1TB DVR Security System with 8 800+ TVL Bullet Cameras provides professional grade quality at an affordable price. 960H is a standard for security cameras and DVRs that provides high quality wide-screen video using advanced CMOS image sensors, allowing you to view images that are 34% larger than D1 resolution. Night vision is standard on cameras of this class. No-Glow black LED’s with long range illumination use light spectrum near 940nm making it invisible to human eyes. Day/night auto sensors inform the processors what condition of lighting will be encountered for video clarity and contrast. The cameras connect cable-to-port directly to the DVR via long-run insulated and shielded BNC cables. Using 1 to 8 power slitter dishing out DC power, provides a painless, non-complex plug-and-play process. Planning where you should install multiple cameras should be considered before hand. Outdoors Security Cams are the first line of insurance as far as guaranteeing what’s most valuable, your home, property and family—and they are a powerful tool of any home security system. Outside monitoring security cameras give the affirmation that anything and anybody approaching your property and home will be noted, whether constantly from inside the well-being of your home, remotely, from a cell screen, or recorded digitally to be called upon at a later time.  We offer basic resolution systems as down to 400TVL all the way up to 4k HD security cameras with unreal clarity and ‘zoom-in’ capability.

DVRs, NVRs and External Hard Drives

Mega Storage from 1TB, 2TB, 3TB…up to 8TB

Standalone DVRs and NVRs are the central brain of Home Security Camera Systems. DVR stands for ‘Digital Video Recorder’, while NVR stands for ‘Network Video Recorder’.  We try to narrow down the best NVR for home use if you are curious.  Both NVRs and DVRs accomplish the same function to record current incoming video and playback previous recorded events and footage. Where they store the data is two different locations.  Find it here.  It manages the data flow between camera and user. Whether you install a system in your home or maybe a small business property, a surveillance system with more than a single camera will use channels. In the security market, the term channels refers to the number of inputs or paths for a connection to a camera on the DVR unit. Understand that there are units with 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels and so on. Your system that you may be interested in will have a set number of channels for that specific DVR or NVR. This will determine how many cameras it can accommodate. But you don’t need to use all the available channels all the time. You can tailor your set-up to use less than the maximum channels. Let’s say you buy an 8 channel security system. You only have to activate 1-7 channels if that meets your needs as far as coverage area goes. RS-485 port for PTZ control and camera ports for With the advancement of hard drives today, modern-day DVRs come packed with Tera Bytes of storage. 1TB,2TB and up to 6TB come pre-installed from the factory configured perfectly for the applicable unit.Security System DVR They have literally months worth of backup capability depending on how many camera channels you use at one time. The more channels, the less total record time and visa-versa. Resolutions range from 400TVL(the equivalent of 480 x 640 pixels) analog to Full Ultra High Definition 4K (nearly 3,840 x 2,160 pixels), yes even now 4K for superior clarity in your recordings. On-screen menus give the user simple interfaces for navigating past recordings, time frames, and channels. Frame rate, time stamp options and date stamp functions are easily modified with an included mouse just like a desktop computer. Q-See, Amcrest, EZVIZ, Zmodo, and Zosi are popular DVR/NVR base units. Check out reviews of the latest models organized by number of channels here. Search out from a large selection of mini DVRs, full 8 and 16 channel DVRs, even the grand daddy- 32 Channel DVR. Watch our Top Rated DVR video here…

Everyone Should Have This!

Rear View Cameras

Car Camera Systems…see more of what’s around you-

Rear View In Car Camera Systems come in a variety of styles and complexities. From a cosmetically stylish license plate frame camera, to small micro cameras, we have a huge selection of car cameras here. They can be incorporated into most vehicles where ample dash room allows for a suitable monitor mounting location. In the last 5-10 years, more and more cars and trucks come standard with a backup camera, but if your car doesn’t have such a feature yet, your in luck. Think of the kind of mounting that would fit your car best, and wont alter the value from drilling or cutting the chassis. Each system comes with step-by-step instructions. car rear view camera custom car at showMost impressive is today there are wireless rear view car cameras. They reduces the need for invasive holes and grommets typical of after market situations. Wireless versions will transmit from the license plate frame area to the monitor antenna mounted somewhere the user chooses within the car. The monitors are just as impressive, touch-screen is common today.

Mirrors with the Monitors Built-In

In-dash, dash-mount, flip-monitors and a lot more to come out every model year. Stay on top of what’s new at CameraSecurityReviews.com. Car Alarm Systems can be installed by the DIY way with one of our complete packages. Its a simple circuit that uses your car battery, door switches, key remote, and sometimes even motion sensors. Pick a category above to find AGPtek, Voyager, Esky, Peak, HDE and many more.


Trail Cameras for Way-Out Places

Hassle-Free Image Capture

Record to Your Preferred SD Card-

Yes, we have a huge selection of Game Trail Cameras. Rugged as !@@#. Ever see tracks through your land you would like to learn more about. Why not take its picture. Some great nature images can be found on the internet from trail cameras, that are stunning and the folks that took the pictures are not professionals either. Trail cameras are simple to use and they just need a security box or metal compartment to keep them where you install them. Well we have those too. Full steel chambers so no harm comes. No theft either. Removable media cards make collection of images fast and quick. Check individual cameras as to storage capacity and usage. trail cameras cuddebackJust pop them into your PC to view. Be amazed at what animals(or people) were around you and you didn’t even know it. Come in and visit via our navigation link above learn more. Brands such as Bushnell, Moultrie, Browning, Cuddeback, Primos, Abask, an many more…
Also see our guide to use a Trail Camera as a Security Camera here.

Biometric Security Scanners

Only Your Skin Can Get You Inside!

Today computers can scan parts of your body to determine exactly who you are with amazing accuracy. Face, fingerprints, iris, hands, handwriting, and voice are just a few traits unique to each of us, and that fact allows biometric scanners to identify one person from another. Fingerprinting is the only reliable biometric used in background checks as they the largest data in criminal databases throughout the world. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established the ISO/IEC JTC1 Subcommittee 37 (JTC1 /SC37) to support a standardization of generic bio metric technologies. The Subcommittee develops standards to promote inter-operability and data interchange between applications and systems. This action promotes quality and consistency with biometrics scanners for home or office use.
biometric brain scanner
Browse our entire range of Biometric Scanners for Home.

Video Baby Monitors

Kids Can Be Exhausting – Relax a Bit with One of These…

Baby Monitors come in very useful for active caring parents around the house. Ah, modern convenience. Look in on baby without opening the door or creaking the floors. The functionality has really increased in the last few years concerning baby monitors.

Monitor Vitals:

heartbeat monitors, movement monitors, and temperature readings from baby’s room. Units may be of the IP camera variety, they can be an outfit worn by baby, or socks connected to a base unit, and even PTZ cameras to look around the room while your in a different room in the house. The range many nanny cam models achieve can be in the hundreds of feet for long range yard work during nap times for example.burglar dreaming of jail after seeing security system

Pet Monitors

Security Cameras for Animals Too!

Modern convenience can provide us with useful and life saving tools, at a very low price. Security monitoring not only involves our family members and possessions, but it now includes pets. Our lives are full of activity and our cats and dogs stay home alone many times. Caring for your pet is easier than ever with the help of your smart phone. Link up to your pet IP camera and see in real time the condition of your home. A simple to use App connects to the camera and microphone, for one-on-one time. Interactive pet cameras have treat dispensing functions as well. Yes you can actually ‘play’ with your cat or dog from your phone. Amazing. These are not for all pets and owner discretion is advised. Learn about Interactive Pet Cameras in our article section found in the navigation menu above for when your busy life takes you away from home.

Security Systems Costs

Consumers Drive Research

As profits from sales are re-spun back into the production and quality of a given company, wages go up, product quality goes up, and costs for consumers come down. security camera function verse cost analysis chartThis works when there’s only natural markets and not forced hand growth. This chart represents consumer pricing and quality over time within the field of security electronics and gadgets. The average security system can range anywhere from $100 up to $20,000+ for a residential home.

Security Systems Installation

Security Installation Costs

Get Creative, Get a Custom Install-

HD cameras work awesome for capturing activity or mischievous behavior. But how well would they work if the wind tipped them over or the cat nestles against one and moves its field of view to another property or just down at the ground? Sharp definition of your video image might be compromised on a windy day if too much free play is found in the mounting base of the unit.security cameras mounting locations Quickly we discover that a camera needs to be fastened or mounted adequately to a solid structure to be effective in surveillance. How much planning you do in the beginning regarding locations, mounting surfaces, and fasteners will pay off later.

Not only is this a decision of mounting, it may be a decision of what shelf will it sit on. Can it fit above kitchen cabinets? Maybe your ideal camera system incorporates an IP Network camera and not an HD 1080P decentralized multiple camera system.

Mounting Structure and Wire Routing-

A camera’s weight will typically be in a range of .5lbs for lighter and smaller dome cameras, to 5lbs or more for a fully motorized outdoor PTZ camera. The right size fastener must be used, and torqued snug to correct specifications for the union of camera base and rigid structure to last and give years of reliable service.

Security Installation Considerations

The weight of a mounted camera-not really a concern for an indoor bookshelf model, solid wood beams or joists must be be part of the system. Vinyl siding or simulated façade may not withstand the weight and produce the needed strength of material necessary for security camera mounting.

Something to Consider!

Installing your security system may take some creativity when it comes to running wiring to the cameras. Wiring for the DVR unit and monitor location is generally the simpler side of the process. Home outdoor security cameras have two main paths of conductance or connections, one for the video feed, and one to power up the unit. Some companies have gotten smart and combined both these cables into one super cable.  If you see the term ‘PoE’ when reading about a security system, it means “Power over Ethernet”.  The great advantage of this cable type is it contains BOTH video and power leads for each camera.  PoE technology helps save a lot of time during installation when fishing cabling through walls or crawl spaces by only having to deal with a single dual purpose cable.security system installation

Mostly common tools such as electric drill, screw drivers(flat/Phillips/nut driver), wire cutters/strippers, maybe silicon sealant, will be all you need to get your home security installation completed. So overall costs to install your security system with cameras will minimum. Most kits come with hardware included. And easy(most of the time!) instructions for assembly. Having some prior experience with home repair or remodeling will help, but everyone starts at the beginning of a skill set, and besides, its your home.


Security Systems for Apartments and Dorms

Apartments Need Security Too!

Recent increases in school enrollment has led to a increase in dorm and apartment break-ins. Even with the presence of campus police and security systems provided by the institution, crime still happens. But you can keep yourself out of the mess and you won’t get a ‘tech’ headache doing it.
Find our article on Security Cameras for Apartments to learn more.

Where to Place Your Cameras

Why Doesn’t Your Footage Look Right?

Where are the most vulnerable entry ways in your home? Have you took the time to figure out how to arrange your security camera system as to get the most benefit from them? Common sense goes a long way, but so does understand of fundamentals about how and what IP and CCTV cameras record. Take for instance lighting and how it affects night vision monitoring. If there were a street lamp behind the object you want to record, the glare from the lamp and the illumination on the object from the night vision LEDs would wash out the central object in the frame. Read our article about Security Camera Placement for the best quality picture and capture the action when it happens.

Other Resources:
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Now What?…

How Does This Help Me Now?

Watch Your Home Like TV!

We have all wanted X-ray vision at some point for some reason. The security systems we have for you are about the closest legal devices to accomplish that goal. It is really like watching your stuff and your home on TV. Whether your interested in an IP camera or a whole home 8-channel security network, you’ll be wonder how it was before without it. With some logging in and adjustment of camera placement. It can be exciting and satisfying to know things are where they should be. And if there not, you will have recorded evidence of what took place and who may have committed a crime. Shop and Save Today with an Easy 1-2-3 Setup, and truthfully, you won’t need vast computer knowledge to get your very own Home Security Camera Systems and Reviews help you do that. No coding or Dos screens needed to get you up and monitoring. No Hassle Returns if the thing just isn’t what you expected. So Try Worry-Free!

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones,-759944-0020
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Esky 170° Viewing Angle Universal-FBA_EC170-09
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NOAUKA Waterproof IP68 Night Vision 170-DS-890
Digital Wireless Backup Camera System-Digital Wireless
Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera-CM00-R000902
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TTP-C12B Hidden Mini Backup Camera --TTP-C12B
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AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit,IP-M1W