16 Channel DVR

Large Array for All Encompassing Security
Get 16 channels of  video up and running with complete control.

On-screen displays, graphical interfaces, easy to understand layouts,  and tons of inputs.  16 channels can grow with your needs.  Connect to monitor via HDMI, BNC, or VGA.  Many of our systems come with a 500GB up to a massive 3TB hard drive.  Too many brands to list…

Digital Surveillance Recorder
16CH HD DVR w/ 2TB HDD. DVR can connect 16 HD/SD cameras by using wired cable with BNC connectors and 2 IP Network cameras by using IP address. Triplex: Live / Playback, Record, Network. Standard H.264 Video Compression with low bit rate and better image quality. Support 2 x SATA HDDs (Each HDD can up to 6TB Storage Capacity). Exceptionally strong password and anti hacking protocols to increase privacy and security. Snapshot, and Email notifications for real time protection….


NVR HD 1080P Security System,
4/8/12 multiple channels support. 4 channels in 1080P, and 8 channels in 1080P or 720P. 12 channels in 960H. VGA and HDMI ports. Support HDMI transmit, ensuring you get the high definition digital image in a high transmitting speed….


HDView® 24CH Tribrid:
16 Channel Hybrid DVR (720P/1080P HD-AHD and 960H)…


Night Owl Security 16 Channel
960H 16 Channel DVR with pre-installed 1TB HDD…




DEFEWAY 16 Channel Hybrid
H.264 Compression Technology:save time & space & record longer…


DEFEWAY 16 Channel
DEFEWAY 16 Channel 720P
Includes Pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive(7*24 for Security Dvr)…


DEFEWAY 16 Channel
DEFEWAY 16 Channel Standalone
Internet & Smartphone Monitoring Anytime&Anywhere,Remote Access or Control…


DEFEWAY 16 Channel 720P
Includes Pre-installed 2 TB TOSHIBA Hard Drive(7*24 for Security Dvr)…


Dripstone 3MP 16 Channels
16 Channel 3MP/1080P Network Video Recorder…


16 CH 720P high definition DVR with 3TB surveillance hard drive…



Dripstone 16 Channels 960H
Setting up is so easy! Simply download the smartphone App and scan the DVR QR code…


Lorex 16 Channel LNR400
Full high definition 1080p recording and Real-Time recording 30FPS/channel…


Swann CODVR-A16D12T-US
Swann’s latest Trublue blue-lit D1 DVR with real time, full screen high resolution video streaming & playback…


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