33 Ways How to Secure Your Home

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Home Security Introduction

Smart Interior Tactics
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Insert Stop Bars
Get A Dog
Indoor IP Camera
A Safe
Emergency Temperature Sensors
Reduce Window Shoppers
The Door Chain
WiFi Network Security

How To Secure Your Home’s Exterior
Upgrade Door Locks
Outdoor WiFi Home Security System
Burglar Proof Glass
Professional Security Services
Biometric Devices
Window and Door Alerts
Upgrade Exterior Doors
Flood Light Cameras
Hidden Keys

Security Outside Your Home
Know the Neighbors
Post Signs
Reduce Landscaping
A Trail Camera
Driveway Snow Removal
Close Off Drive Access
Remote Driveway Alerts
Cancel Mail/Paper
Spilling Beans on Social

Ways to Secure a Garage
A Fake Camera
Secure Garage Doors
Fire Extinguisher
No Garage Keys
Vehicle Lockup & Alarms

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Guide: 33 Tips To Make A Home More Secure

Actionable Tips Homeowners Can Do Today!

Starting small can make a big difference.  So don’t be caught off guard.  Home security comes in many forms from lock to High Tech Lock-Downs, and tons in between.  This page is meant to be a starting block to get ideas and be self reliant with your property.  These methods to make life safer and easier are in no special order other than the sections they reside.

Smart Interior Tactics

The first section deals with interior way to make a house more secure even if its the little things.  Some are super simple and some not so much.

1. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms

An easy way to add security, and something you should already be doing is a smoke alarm and carbon dioxide detector. The US Fire Administration has provided an informative graphic showing the importance of fire safety and security in the home. Their statistics show that out of every five home fire deaths, a third are result of the home not having a working detector or not having one at all. That is unfortunate as smoke alarms are not expensive, and don’t take a lot of effort to install. Many fire departments in the US have periods where they hand out free smoke detectors for any one interested.

It is recommended that there be one for every bed room, kitchen, and garage and every floor of the building. The placement should be high up on a wall or on the ceiling, because smoke rises. Alarms can be powered with 9V alkaline batteries or hardwired into the homes electrical circuits. This little box you hang on the wall is one of the best security measures in our list of 33 ways to secure your home. So please do this one!

smoke alarm infographic
Not all smoke alarms work the same. It is perfectly safe to buy one off the shelf, but there are two main kinds, ionization and photoelectric. There are also lighted smoke alarms for the hearing impaired too. When different materials burn, they can release various particles and this is why there are the two types of detectors. So do you need two detectors? No, there are now smoke detectors that have dual sensors for this purpose. It is also possible to have all the detectors chained together so if one is triggered they will all sound. This may take more work routing wires, but it is a major safety upgrade for your family.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless poison gas that can be present in your home. It can limit the body’s ability to consume oxygen. It can be fatal or make a person very sick. A carbon monoxide detector alert can help keep your family healthy and its an easy task to complete. Carbon monoxide comes from burning fuels for furnaces, charcoal, even your car produces the gas. Placement of these sensors can be the same as a fire detector for convenience.

2. Slide Stop Bars

Physics makes this basic security device as strong as steel and its as cheap as a broom handle.  The stop bar or stop stick used by millions of families world wide in sliding doors and windows is another way to secure your house.  Take a straight and strong piece of lumber and cut it to fit between the door edge and the door jam facing the back edge of the door.  This creates a block to prevent to door from sliding open.  When your not using it move it out of the way a few inches and you have de-armed your door stop. You can also find simulated vinyl boards in 1×2, 1×3, and 2×2 sizes at larger hardware departments.  Vinyl will have a color or texture and prevent warping or rotting since this piece is going where condensation and sometimes rain can penetrate.  It sounds silly yes, but this way to security is effective at holding the door closed when an intruder is yanking on the handle with full strength heaves.  Most burglars are going to try the doors, so a strong security measure means strong doors.  No way around it.  That’s not a pun.     security stop bar

This approach works well in all seasons and has a low price tag.  Try it in your home tonight.  When you are going out for the day or going to sleep for the night, place it in position to keep that door secured.  That little bit strangely feels better doesn’t it.  Now try more of the items on this list.

3. Get A Guard Dog

Getting a guard dog is a life changing commitment. It should not be taking as a new device to have around the home and alert you to things by barking.  This is a new family member that has a job in your protection.  Security from a canine has been a time tested method for millions of homes and even law enforcement staffs them.  They are lovable to their owners, and stern with unwelcome guests.  Along with a strong work ethic, they are loyal family members who love to play too.

Price wise this one is a biggie.  Food, vets, toys, beds and don’t forget Christmas presents.  Also the time spent is a lot and as said before this is a life changer.  Only you know what breed of dog is best for you. guard dog home security Any type either big or small will give loyal barking and protection when their territory is compromised.  So you don’t need the biggest, meanest beast around.  Unless you plan on training for physical contact any size dog will be a good alarm for getting your attention to what has their attention.

When getting a dog for the added benefit of security, it is generally best to get a younger dog or puppy as they will adapt with a stronger understanding of home boundaries, have more respect toward you and the training you provide them, as well as your possessions inside the home.    Breeds common to defense and security are ones like the German Shepard, Schnauzer, Akita and more.  It is best to do plenty of research before purchasing a dog for the family.   The wrong dog in the wrong setting can be a nightmare so soak up as much information in what your interested in for the best results with this on.


4. Indoor IP Camera

The next security measure we look at is on the tech side of life. It’s an IP camera. IP cameras are inexpensive, easy to use and have seriously high quality video from such a compact unit. There are indoor and outdoor types and mainly this section covers the shelf-top cameras. Motion activation keeps things quiet 24/7 until there is something withing view of the camera, then depending on how you have it set, an alert coupled with an image of the activity will be sent to your email address.

IP stands for “Internet Protocol” and this basically defines it’s platform. Rather than a CCTV or Closed Circuit Television which uses cable to transmit video signals, IP cameras connect to the LAN or local WiFi network you have through your router.wifi router The camera feed is accessed through the IP address it creates itself. The camera address needs security so that is where Apps come in.  The app will be your gateway into the dashboard for your camera.

The WiFi-633 from WansView.

Brands such as LeFun, WansView, and EzViz are some of the most consumer friendly models in the market.  Sharp sharp sharp HD picture from these light little IP cameras.  Automated features such as panning left to right, tilting up and down, and zooming the wide angle lens for more control of the viewing subject are common with models such as the WiFi-633.  Complete remote viewing and cloud recording so you don’t have to fumble with media card and sticks.  But you can use those if you prefer.

ezviz mini o wifi camera
EzViz Mini O 720P WiFi Camera

Full HD video comes standard in many models from most manufacturers.  The “Mini O” from Ezviz has true 720P wide screen HD record and playback.  This makes zooming into features like a face or car plates super clear and easy to see.  Read more about the EzViz WiFi camera here.

As any electronic device it has a learning curve which is easy to overcome.  View home anytime and see if the dog dish is tipped, or if someone has come home from school.  And hopefully you don’t watch an intruder rummaging.

5. Firearms

This way to secure your home can be a life changer too.  It can protect and offer life enhancing skills or it can be a nightmare.  That is why #5 in the 33 ways to make a home secure list is a long term commitment.  There aren’t any shortcuts to gun safety and it just has to be absorbed over time into second nature actions.

The cost is more significant than other forms on this page because quality costs more.  Firearms are not cheap but they can be very affordable. It not only has the cost of the initial gun, but there is ammunition, holsters, security for homerange fees, possible license fees where you live too.  In home items such as a safe to store the weapon in when not out for a cleaning has to be considered too.  The Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe – Safely secure your valuables or handgun in the new Home Defender series safes are as sophisticated as you can make a safe.  It has good reviews and lasts a lifetime or two.
It is recommend that if home protection is your goal to visit local shops and ranges.  Understand the federal and local law the best to your ability.  Listen to good advise and follow your own senses about what is right for you and your family.  Calibers such as .22, 9MM, and .45 are about as common as they come for home defense.  There are others and there is a world of great information about this subject so please read up and do thorough research.

6. A Safe

SteelWater Safe

Locking up the house can mean more than locking up the doors.  It can also mean securing papers, photos, valuables that are to important to leave out in the open.  Safes are a great addition to secure a home.  Many built withing the last decade are as tough as tanks with loads of storage room.

Cost can be over $1000 for a quality safe with fire resistance above 30 minutes duration.  State of the art lock systems keep even the inventors of the lock out no problem.  The mass of the safe means its not a pick up and go kind of item so thieves can’t get it out of the house easily.   This Heavy Duty SteelWater Safe can withstand fire temps up to an hour in duration.  That is more than most similar safes on the market.

electronic home security safe
Stack-On SS-22.

Electronic Lock Systems (ELS) have taken lock picking out of the picture.  The Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe with Electronic Lock has a number keypad with electronic processing for ease access with minimal effort on the owners part.  Maximum effort is needed in the part of the burglar thou.  Soft carpeted interior makes shelves a cozy resting spot for valuables.


7. Emergency Temperature Sensors

How can a thermometer keep your house secure? Well it can’t, but intelligent monitoring can. A great way to know how things are going at the lake house is a smart Sensors with temperature monitoring that will provide alerts sent straight to your phone that will get your attention.

For smart phone access you will need Wi-Fi at the home for it to use an internet address for monitoring. Whats great about these little smart sensors is no big system of cameras or wires are needed. No hub, no subscription, just connect to WiFi like a printer or router. Extra features such as motion detection, light sensors, sound and even humidity sensing can all be sent right to your phone in your hand in the off or on season.

8. Reduce Window Shoppers

What does a potential burglar think about that big screen TV glowing out the front window at night? Would you keep your cash in a pile by the front door or next to a main window? Of course not, I hope. Showing off your expensive goods is something we accidentally do from time to time. It may seem innocent and friendly, but it is an invitation. A silent invitation for a home invitation.

Extinguish this threat with this tip to secure your home. Having good curtains is a simple way around this problem. Drawn curtains at night keep peepers away from your property and keeps your stuff off their list of wanted goodies. Most home invasions are planned because there is usually an interest in some key point of the property such as known cash, or known possessions. This way to secure your home is so basic I hope your doing it already. Now just 32 more things to do! .

9. The Door Chain

Yes the tried and true door chain.  Its one of the ways to ramp up security at your home for just a few bucks.  Imagine a smaller family member answering the door and a larger person forces the door wide open.  Not when there is a chain across the opening.  We have either seen them or used them somewhere we have stayed in the past.  The one draw back is the appearance of clunky hardware on the door or it’s unfriendly in some way of thinking.  Safety is not always slick as a spaceship.  Sorry.

The cost of the door chain can be $5-$20 as the quality can drive price.  Don’t skimp on this if you can help it.  One can be easily found at any sized hardware store this afternoon.  It will take a few new holes into your door if there isn’t one already there.  They make some great finishes in chrome, antique, or gold to match any hardware currently installed.

10. WiFi Network Security

Next we cover some technical security measures related to the air around your home.   Specifically the WiFi signals around your home.  WiFi networks are in nearly every home and business in today’s society.  It is hard to secure a wireless network that isn’t yours.  But it is simple to secure your own WiFi network.  This may seem complicated but its really not.

Steps To Secure Your Router Network:

Username/Password – Routers come with a factory default username and password.  Change it to something more secure.  Longer passwords with multiple character sets like alphabetic, numerical, and special which includes the “#” and “$”.

Network Name – Again with the factory defaults, the network has a default name which is also easily found by just reading a manual so its no secret.  The service set identifier (SSID) is what the network is identified as.  It’s not very secure.  Change this to something more secure too.

Encryption – Basic types are WPA2 Personal and WPA Personal.  Make sure at least one of these is on for better network security.

Current Firmware – Update your router regularly.  Helps prevent malicious meddling.

Activate Firewall – A reliable firewall provider such as Norton and McAfee are popular choices with reasonable rates.

DHCP Setting – Dynamic Host Control Configuration Protocol (DHCP) lets devices pair to the network easily for convenience, but it means less security.  Change this to off so devices can’t pair with the one-click setup.

Confine WiFi Range – Routers sometimes have a radio transmit power setting built in to the settings menu.  This can be a trial and error method as you reach the limit dial it back little by little until the range is not providing neighbors and passerbys with a network to play with.


How To Secure Your Home’s Exterior

This is the exterior section describing ways to make your home more secure on the outside.  From doors to fake rocks, we cover exterior security measures here.

11. Upgrade Door Locks

Top shelf door lock give strength to any home they are installed in.  Don’t be let down by your door latch and frame when it matters most.  This way to secure your home involves upgrading the door knobs and installing a dead bolt lock if there isn’t one already.  Even the hardware can be improved on to add many more pounds of holding force.  Home door locks are arranged in grades.  A “grade 1” or “gra

Long wood screws increased strength into door frame.

de 2″ are made of hardened materials and give the most strength when installed.

All exterior doors that use a knob style handle should be upgraded to the grades 1 or 2 to help secure your house.  Doors with a flip latch like a patio door can use the stop bar mentioned in tip #2.  Want to prevent a door from being kicked in?  Longer wood screws with a larger diameter of #10 or even #12 and #14

can be used at the latch ring, if the length reaches 3 inches.  This grabs the door frame much more than the provided 1 1/2″ screws making it an extra strong connection.


12. Outdoor Home Security System

When saying there is nothing long range in the ‘Exterior’ section it was meant nothing over 200ft kind of long range.  Installing a multiple channel security system to secure your home is the most elaborate of all the ways.  It is not the most complicated but it does take some planning.  This can be exciting too as you will have access to multiple places throughout your property with easy automation and recording control.

A multiple channel security system can operate 24/7 to help you monitor your belongings.  4, 8, 16 and even larger(32,and 64) channel systems are very popular in homes across the world.  Monitor everything from the front porch to the back yard with an easy to use security system from Cameraseceurityreviews.com.   2 way audio is making a big presence in the DVR and NVR market making these security systems really complete now that audio is in the picture.   That’s not a pun.  Now there are two approaches with security systems.  There is the DVR method using wired cameras to the recorder, and there is the NVR method which gets you into WiFi cameras and using your home wireless network.    Understand both can deliver the same full HD resolutions.

Costs for consumer grade equipment ranges from as low as $199 to as much as $3500 if you find top end gear with lots of channels.  Because HD chips and sensors are being made at such a rapid rate, the cost slides down for the consumers.  Great home security systems can be had for just a few hundred dollars.

Here is an example of a DVR based system.  It is a LaView 6 HD 720P Security Camera System.  DVR security system from LaviewLaView security systems have made their way into many homes over the last few years and they all have kept up to date with the latest technologies.   With this system you get 720P high definition video HD cameras(6) for monitoring multiple areas at one time.  The DVR is an 8 channel device even thou the package has six cameras.  This allows expansion into other types of cameras such as a dome shape model, or even older cameras you may have from prior systems.  The DVR comes with a 1TB hard drive for months of recording thanks to smart motion triggered recording.  The cameras are built for outdoor living as the meet the IP66 rating for outdoor gear.  Weatherproof and waterproof chassis keep the delicate electronic light sensor and processors safe.

The next system is the alternative to the DVR and that’s the NVR system.  This is a security system made by Night Owl Security.  Its half the size of the above Laview as it has 4 channels for full 1080P recording and playback.  It is the Night Owl Security model NVR10-441.  Imagine watching in wide screen, seeing your yard or kids room from the comfort of your couch.

Night Owl Security NVR Package with 4x HD 1080P cameras

This system makes that possible.  It has 4 Full 1080p cameras with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection type to the NVR meaning less wiring and more fun.  The NVR sports a good sized pre-installed 1TB hard drive giving you plenty of storage room with little worry.

If you want a wireless WiFi solution similar to whats discussed above then visit our page covering NVR systems as many kits now have wireless cameras included.

*Bonus Section*

There are some creative ways to place alerts and cameras around your home.  One of those takes the form of  a rock.  A garden rock.  It is fake and not an actual stone.  Placed in the right setting this innocent thing has motion detection which can trigger a chime, the built in camera to hidden security camera fake rockrecord, or a music to start playing is that’s what you want.  That would be strange but isn’t freedom great.  Anywho, quite a few folks have made this an addition to their personal security setup with great success.  The camera is rated at 720×480 which isn’t truly top of the line resolution but it does record as sharp and clear as any form of digital video goes.  The battery in the ‘rock’ can last as long as 365 days before needing changed thanks in part to the standby mode when not triggered.  Plus it’s wireless.  Find more info on this hidden security device which goes great by the hydrangeas.

13. Burglar Proof Glass

Tip #13 is something many people won’t do. It is just too much money, or it’s not necessary, it’s not something we need and so on. Well that may be your thoughts and you have a right to think that. Have you ever heard of burglars entering through a broken window? It happens. Install break proof glass to enhance your homes security.

How do you prevent a break in through windows?  What about the little decor windows built in to doors for light inclusion.   There are several methods of reinforcing your glass windows with secure materials.

Tempered glass  has been heat treated for added strength across the entire plane. Safety glass melds a layer of vinyl in between two glass panes.  It needs lots of time and effort to effectively damage and move away this type of glass.

If you have a vast budget think about maybe bullet proof.  Cars are outfitted with bullet proof glass and so are many homes.   Not much can be done to security glass except maybe a tank.   This will require a custom installation with handsome custom prices.

14. Professional Security Services

When a truly quick response from police and first responders is what your after maybe a pro monitoring service in your area is the solution.  This is a way to secure your home that some either love it or hate it.  The costs can add up with monthly fees.  And the intrusion of a wired system with a large computer box to use can intimidate some people.

One of the big factors many people miss when thinking of a paid service for security over their home is that there is a human being at the other end of the security system.  DIY complete systems are great and do very powerful tasks quickly, but they don’t have what the pros have.  Professional monitoring has a staff of folks that live and reside somewhere nearby with homes of their own, and they will send help to your home when prompted to do so.

Costs for this route of security is fairly high compared to other ways on this list.  The average cost for professional surveillance starts around $14 a month with simply safe, and local services can start around $3o a month.  Do some homework on this step to secure your home.

15. Biometrics Devices

Biometrics are quickly becoming part of the ‘Smart’ home of the future.  Door knobs and locks use your fingerprint, an easy pin code, or the regular metal key. Using a fingerprint scanner at the front door means you don’t have to dig and find your keys anymore, and you will unlock the mechanism to the home. Multiple users can be pre-programmed so the entire family easily unlock the door when coming and going. Costs for this range from $150 – $400 depending on features and brand.

 There is even wireless cameras for the door bell if a complete system is beyond your needs.  Ring makes an entire lineup of door bell and outdoor security equipment.   It works very much like a WiFi IP camera.  Two way audio can be found in some versions as well.
For inside the home and securing your computer data there is the fingerprint scanner with OS login functionality.  Keep your files and networks secure by keep unregistered user from having access.

16. Window and Door Alerts

Glass break sensors and door open sensors can easily be installed by anyone with an evening to spare.  One way to make your home more secure is to stop burglars where there can enter, the doors and window.  High decibel alarms can sound when activated making intruders loose their concentration and leave.


17. Upgrade Exterior Doors

Reinforcing your doors can be an easy afternoon project with an electric driver and it will add plenty of holding power.  How do you prevent your door from being kicked in?  The Strike Master II door kit will add solid steel structure to any average door frame.   It fits 1 3/4″ inch door frames with two lengths of solid steel and each piece has the appropriate holes pre-made so it just needs screwed into place along the side of the door.   This is also good if you have a broken door frame from previous damage.

door frame security device

The cost is around $80 and it has all the longer screws and brackets you will need.  Takes about the same time it does to watch 4 innings of pro baseball on TV.  Now this won’t stop a car but it will stop any human with a good kick.  There are other similar kits on the market but this one is the only one that seems to have both door edge and door frame full length pieces.

18. Flood Light Cameras

Number 18 is a clever way to secure you house or maybe even an outbuilding.  This is a light camera.  With the increase in NVRs (network video recorders) and WiFi in many homes, wireless cameras are growing in number.  Here is another example of that.  They are good at disguising themselves as normal lights.  This simulated light from Trumpray light bulb ip camerais really an IP camera for mounting on the ceiling within a light socket for power.  It has a transformer to step down into a lower 12VDC and 5V for data circuit regulation.   Features HD video up to 960P and yes, 360° viewing angle.  Put in an SD card and motion detection or manual recording can begin.

This next light camera is a very bright example of what can be done.  It includes a solar panel and flood light and camera with DVR all built into one weatherproof unit.  This one uses up to 32GB card for recording video.  The cameras resolution is 720P which is a mighty sharp picture quality. flood light camera A lithium battery is built in to store the solar arrays charge during sunny conditions.  6V charging voltage is obtained in bright sun.

19. Hidden Keys

Security can take the form of insurance too. Having a hidden key is one way to make your home more secure. Putting in place a solution preventing the unfortunate ‘locked-out’ situation is a great way to improve not only everyday life but safety too. Many homeowners have already decided how and where to keep a hidden key and it’s nothing new. But have entry insurance will save your spirit when you realize the door is locked and your normal keys are not reachable.

This security measure has a low cost so it’s an easy one to check off the list. A spare duplicate key ranging from $2-$8 depending on the style of key blank you choose. Different key shapes have different blanks that must be used to make an exact match. The blanks are usually arrange in a number/letter id method. The key makers will know the correct one. Disney characters blanks are usually more expensive so you know.

Placement should be less than obvious. Under the door mat is a bad idea. It has been ingrained as common knowledge so find a less than normal place. There are some magnetic cases meant to keep keys clean and you can stick them securely to a metal object or under that object for a great hiding spot.  Your creativity is unique and you and your family will know the most secure place for that spare house key.

Security Outside Your Home

These methods on this ’33 Ways to Secure Your Home’ page are designed for in the yard and away from the actual home structure.  Some are long range and some even reach the neighbors house.  All in the name of better safety.

20. Know the Neighbors

The first security systems in history…someone else watching your stuff.
Close neighbors can have the best view of anything going on at your property. That can be just annoying, but that’s life unless your in the countryside. Maybe bring some treats and let them know your thoughts about neighborhood security and how working together would be a great start. Other than those treats, this security method costs basically nothing. Unless your neighbor is a little greedy. Maybe bring in more friends and neighbors to group and build a network of security minded homeowners. Discussing the ins and outs of your seasonal schedules plus getting acquainted with all the people actively living there, or at least know of them, is a perfect starting point to securing your property from a distance.

Vacation homes are not cheap and most owners care greatly about maintaining them. There is an obvious personal interest for them to be involved in any association plans. It is natural for a person to want to know who goes by, who is commonly in the area, or what paid services are seen regularly. After a period of time a resident can easily tell who is local and who is a stranger. It’s as much a protection of self as it is a protection of the associated neighbors.

21. Post Signs

Another way to make your home more secure, and this fits in the “decoy” category, is a “Recording In Progress” posted sign. Placing a sign at either exterior doors or near the front of the drive in a flower garden24 hour security recording sign or similar will turn off a would be burglar because of the perceived threat to their freedom. No thief wants to get caught doing what they do, so they won’t take a big risk if they believe a camera is recording their every move. This is akin to using a fake camera, it’s a distraction and brain teaser that works well in your favor.

22. Reduce Landscaping

This way to secure your home better may be to simple to be taken seriously.  Trim the bushes, really?  Have you never heard of employees opening a bank in the morning and a thief is right there to escort them inside?  They hide in the shrubs until they know the keys have unlocked the door then the come out of hiding.  Yes when you reduce large features such as giant shrubs or fencing, you remove places an attacker may hide in wait.   Better line of sight across the property helps your neighbors monitor things easier too.  home security with smart landscapingPeople with bad intentions are cowards and as such prefer the element of surprise,  why give them this chance?

The cost of this security measure is low as you most likely have some gardening tools already.  Time can add up depending on your yard size.  But as a whole this tip towards security can be low cost and take little time.

Landscaping can be a complicated subject when considering region climates, growth size, seasonal changes and correct times to cut back certain plants.  This may even be a good time to redo your front scenery by hiring a professional team who knows what works for your area and may give suggestions for something better than expected.

23. A Trail Camera

An interesting way to secure your home is the by using a trail camera to capture anything that may trigger the sensor built in to the camera.  Securely belted or caged in a security box a game camera is a good backup insurance where no one would think to look.  A burglar will scout the premises around the home but they won’t think to spot anything on hung in the yard.  Pick a tree or fence and mount it facing your residence to get wide scope images and some even offer short video bursts too.

Game cameras as they are sometimes called have exceptionally high quality outdoor light sensors delivering superb resolution rates by today’s standards. Large scale images with near 14MP camera settings can bring the outdoors right to your LCD screen in front of you.  Settings can include single shot, multiple shots for things moving about, and even a video mode is built in to some cameras.game trail camera for home security

Media storage is also a convenient quality made into trail cameras. Most top manufacturers build cameras allowing the use of SD cards to record footage. Simple click-in and click-out of the card gets your captured media right to your preferred monitor.

Possibly the greatest thing trail cameras have is the motion detection to trigger the camera. The camera can sit idle for weeks, IR beams pulsing out and then quick as a blink it triggers to start recording.  Costs range from the low end of $90 to highly feature rich models getting up to $300 and more.


24. Driveway Snow Removal

Snow removal is another topic which really doesn’t need any special devices with amazing digital features, it just takes some work from a shovel or maybe even a plow truck.  #24 in this 33 ways to secure your home article is just a slight of sight trick for would be burglars.  Showing signs around the home that you are present and active is a great deterrent for thieves.

Taking the time to clear the drive and walkway shows someone is busy around the home.  This is something you can do yourself or pay for it to be done.  Ask your neighbors if anyone is interested.  Local neighbor kids would love some spending money and playing in the snow at the same time.  Scheduling a snow removal from a local plow truck is not hard once you find them.  Still there is no need to worry because they will advertise once the snow starts falling.

25. Close Off Drive Access

You may ask yourself what is this going to do for me? When going on vacation or being away for an extended time securing your driveway sounds silly but it works. The purpose for roping off the entrance to your driveway is to prevent unwanted vehicles from pulling up within loading distance of your home. When criminals want to grab lots of stolen goods, they will more than likely use a truck of some sort.

Why let them park right next to the front door? If you close off the driveway thieves will need to park at the street or somewhere farther than ideal. This puts distance between them and your property. This distance has beneficial results. It adds more time to travel between their vehicle and your home meaning more time for others to notice them and take note of there description.

26. Remote Driveway Alerts

Placing a remote alert sensor down the driveway has great reliability in calling out either by chime or tones letting you know someone is there.  This can be an effective alternative to full camera kits and monitoring services.  Although it’s sweeter to have a dog call out when something is going on outside, but this works well too.

These units have a detection range and a transmit range.  For the 1byone driveway alert below it has a range or 26 feet for detection.  A car or person walking can be 25 or so feet away and it will trigger the sensor circuit.driveway alert  A range from driveway to house of about 325 feet so it will work on a country of city driveway easy.  Cost is around $16 and it comes with one receiver and one transmitter plus its expandable for multiple driveways.   Assign different chimes to different drives if you get that much traffic.

Another popular model is Dakota Alert, the DCMA-2500 is a feature filled wireless motion detector/receiver kit with a 1/2 mile radio range. The motion detecting sensor operates on one 9-volt battery (not included0 and will detect a person or vehicle passing by out to about 50 ft. The sensor works up to a 1/2 mile away so there plenty of airwaves to play with placement.   

27. Cancel Mail/Paper

This is something most people learn from their parents, and its just have the mail and paper stopped while you are away.  Put a hold on the mail so it doesn’t pile up, and out of the box.  The post office in your area does it all the time for residents so just call and schedule it.  This way to secure your home involves the concept again of looking present and active at the home.  By not having a backlog of newspapers and mail envelopes you visually remove anyone’s thought that no one is home.


28. No Spilling Beans on Social Sites

This last way to secure your home is a common sense issue as well as a safety issue. Don’t advertise your plans on the internet. Don’t post your vacation plans on social media sites. If you do it may tip off a criminal in your area to exactly when and where you are going. That’s never a good thing. It is one thing to share your up coming adventure with trusted family members, but don’t relay the message to everyone in the world.

There are people out there who conjure up ways to steal wealth, property, or worse, so don’t give them a heads up. Save sharing memories until after you get back.

Ways to Secure a Garage

Keeping your cars nice is one of the most difficult thing you can do in life. Fellow humans (debatable), or complete jack@$$es can give your flawless car a big new dent and paint scuff. They might even steal it and total it. Why?  Because people don’t care about your stuff.  If they did there wouldn’t be a need for this article.  If only we could put our vehicles is a safe place. We can when at home (near impossible when not at home) with some easy ways to secure your garage.

29. A Fake Camera

If putting up a large camera system isn’t getting your interest than perhaps a similar less dependent solution would be your thing.  A decoy camera will look like something is recording the scene but really its all a mind game and for very little money. dummy camera for home security

Choose from your favorite style either dome or bullet as they come in both flavors.  Make criminals back off without question once they think they are being watched.    Fake cameras can be mounted anywhere you want and only take a regular AA batteries for power.  The one on the right here is from SE and cost is just a few bucks on Amazon.

UniquExceptional has a bullet style one that has the blinking LED for an extra touch of real.  The cost for this one is just a few bucks as well.  fake security camera for hone garagePut one right at the opening to your garage or how about pointing right at the drivers seat of the cars so anyone who sits in the seat will have a nice close up.  Even if it is fake the burglars don’t know that.


30. Secure Garage Door Gaps

This way to secure your garage is not for every one but it is something interesting and worth knowing about.  It involves the emergency release that hangs down from the power garage door opener.  The long red cord with the red handle can be a thief’s ticket inside your home if your not careful.

Some wise guy found that by sticking a coat hanger into the gap at the top of the garage door from the outside, one can reach in and pull down that emergency release cord.  Then its a matter of lifting the door and walking right in.  That’s no good.

So the solution is fairly simple, some longer 2×4 lumber is needed and some good anchor fasteners like #12 or larger 3″ inch wood screws to secure the piece onto the header above the garage door on the inside of the garage.  This puts a blocking piece across the opening at the top so nothing can be shoved into the gap past the seal from the outside.

The cost is minimal as wood will be in the $4-$15 range depending on what size and quality of wood you choose.  Screws are a little more since they need to be strong like ledger bolts so the new piece never falls on any one.

31. Fire Extinguisher

One way to secure your home and this time not from burglars, but from life. A fire extinguisher is a safety device that is important for both inside the home and out in the garage. There are approximately 360,000 home fires every year and many of these could have been stopped had an extinguisher been available quickly. This is the one thing you should do if nothing else on this page.

fire extinguisher for home security and safetyFire extinguishers are not all the same. There are different types of fires and there are extinguishers made for each type. Using the wrong extinguisher on a fire will have poor results wasting precious time and health so it’s smart to know the differences.  When it comes to fires, there are 5 main types or classes of fire and it all depends on what the fire uses as its fuel.

Fire Combustion Classes:

  • Class A – Ordinary paper, wood, plastic and other common solid materials like cloth.  Most fires fall into this class.
  • Class B – Liquid fuels like oils, paints, propane or gasoline.
  • Class C – This class is has fuel from electrical components and energized circuits.
  • Class D – This class is rare to see a fire in unless you are an industrial company or maybe a school science lab.  Fuels in this class include titanium, magnesium, aluminum, and potassium.
  • Class K – These are fueled by ingredients in the preparation of food.  Cooking oils and greases.

For each of the classes there is an appropriate way to put out such a fire.  For example spraying water on a grease fire will wash away the grease while it is burning causing more spreading of the fire and sputtering from mixing oil and water.  The right extinguisher needs to be used in order to handle the right fire.  Many extinguishers have multiple classes they can be use for and they are color coded according to the type of material they contain for putting out a fire.  Water, powder, and foam are a few of the various materials inside an extinguisher.

Costs of a home fire extinguishers go from $20 to $80 depending on size and mounting features.  So there is really no reason not to have one.  Put it on the family Christmas list if you can.  Get one for the garage and one in the home too.

32. No Garage Keys

Our second to last tip for making your home more secure cost very little money and will keep your wonderful vehicles in your wonderful driveway.  The concept is this, don’t leave keys in the vehicle.  It you park them outside most of the time then bring the keys in of course.  But even if you park in the garage bring the keys in and hang them on a key rack.  This is a perfect change to go antique store shopping for a nice hand made key holder and maybe find a key sign with multiple hooks on it.

Strangers don’t call ahead to see if they can swing by.  If someone want to drive your car, they will try.  How much pain is saved by not giving them a car with keys?  Now we all want to trust the lot of people we meet and think most out there are decent, respectable folks, but there are the ones that defy logic.  That is who this tip is directed towards.

Love your new vehicle?  Lock it down by taking the keys inside when you park it.  It prevents heart ache and property damage by doing something that takes a few seconds.  Start making it a habit today!

33. Vehicle Camera & Alarms

(Best Gifts Ever!)

Car anti-theft systems have come a long way in the last few years.  Now the talk to smart phones and have features like motion detection.  Motion detection is enabled when the Dash Cam detects movement, the camera starts recording, and when things quiet down, it save storage and stops recording.  This slick mirror camera can record GPS and video should you have your car stolen and retrieved it will contain all the evidence you need to show what exactly happened and who did it.   car dash cameraIt uses a lithium battery for extra long run time.  The LCD screen is 3.0 inch wide and has controls for navigation and mode selection.   512G max storage from an inserted TF card.   Cost for the dash cam is about $100 and make a great gift!

Next is an alarm from  Viper with impressive features like auto start, 2-way monitoring with an LCD key fob.  It comes with triggers for doors and trunk which alerts you via key fob and blasts a siren to blow to socks off anyone nearby.  viper 2 way car security systemIt costs around $184 and has it also has a temperature reading on the key fob for the interior of the car so you can tell the temperature before you get in.  Nice.

The last garage gadget we cover is a GPS tracker for your car or SUV should someone take it for an illegal drive.  Its made by Spy Tec and fits in your palm.  It tracks via google maps and comes with endless features for tracking and recording events.  Its will lead police right to your vehicle should you have one inside. vehicle gps tracker Cost for this little gem is around $50 which isn’t too bad for all the features.


Recap of Article

Don’t Fear, Just Prepare

The page you just made it down was designed as a page for stirring your thinking and putting you in charge of security at your home.  Take them as you wish, some may be useful and others not so much.   If you live in an apartment you may not need landscaping done.  Or say for instance a 16 channel  security systems with cameras in everyone’s room.  That might take some discussing with the members of the household.

Keeping things budget friendly is a task so talking over some of these suggestions with family may be wise.  As the price increases, so does the effectiveness.  Reinforced doors for example, may be expensive but they will do what they are built to do quiet well.  Breaking this list down and completing some small tasks, then a large one, and do the over a period of time may help.

Thanks for reading this if you’re still here and visit CameraSecurityReviews.com for more home security electronics and devices.