7 TFT LCD Fishing Camera Kit Fish Finder-BO220-7L15M



Product Features
  • 7″ Screen
  • HD 800TVL Underwater Video Camera System
  • Box Fishing Camera 12Pcs Light Night Vision
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 degree
  • 12PCS Highlisht White LED lights with Night Vision
Available Color

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Product Description
7 TFT LCD Fishing Camera Kit Fish Finder HD 800TVL Underwater Video Camera System With 12Pcs Light Night Vision Fishing Finder

This product is compatible products for visual fishing and underwater cameras. In one machine.
(1) the product is lightweight, can be mounted on the fishing rod on, and can also be fishing, boat fishing.
(2) camera effects, can be used for underwater surveillance, underwater viewing, underwater salvage, underwater farming, wells operating observations
Monitor specification:
1. 7″ Color monitor
2. monitor Total Pixels: 800(H) X 480(V)
3. monitor power supply: DC 12V
4. osd language: english (10 languages available)
5. up, down left, right adjustable
6. 16:9 model
7. Easy to install on the fishing rod
8. Operating Temperature: -20 degree to +60 degree
9. Portable strong aluminum case
10. Battery life: 12 hours on one charge
Camera specification:
1. camera size: 90mm x 55mm
2.Camera case material: metal or strong plastic
3. Camera glass material: sapphir glass
4. sensor size: 1/3 inch CMOS
5.Total Pixels: 800 TVL HD
6. view angle: 92 degree
7. camera led light: 12PCS white LEDS
8. Leds adjustable
9. Cable length: 15 meters
10. camerawork current: 100MA
11. camera power supply:DC 12V
12.Work condition: underwater
Use range
This product is the underwater visual Fishing, applicable to all underwater visual monitoring of fishing with all underwater
(1) visual Fishing
(2) underwater aquaculture monitoring
(3) Fishing Monitoring
(4) underwater viewing
(5) underwater adventure
(6) well monitoring

Technical Details
Product Summary


7 TFT LCD Fishing Camera

UPC# 735520279512

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