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Biometrics Readers

Finger Print Scanners and Identity Processors

Biometrics Readers and Scanners at a great Price. Biometrics functionality for home or office. This is an industry that is quickly growing and improving technology. Keep data secure with a finger print scanner for your PC, or get your front door handle to recognize you and not an intruder. It easier than you think to get biometric security Reviews the features of the human body to identify those with access and those without.


Futuristic World Life

Bring a Tech-Age Wonder To Your Home

Biometrics were once a thing for fiction books to write about. Order today and have it tommorrow afternoon. The real world has eclipsed fiction, so how can you benefit from biometric devices in your house?

Security comes in many forms, now it comes with facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. Keep your computer safe with a fingerprint scanner to lock out unwanted users. No software can hack the physical reading of your skin characteristics. Another devices using biometrics are the door lock systems with similar fingerprint scanning. No keys needed when you use your unique bio data for access. Many homes have used these with good results.

Strong inner hardware: Hi3520D processor, embedded with Linux and a better radiator, ensure the DIGOO NVR has a short processing time and long service life….$44.00…

Thumbprint Security USB
Support system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Window 7, Window 8…


BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint
EcoID compact placement fingerprint reader…


Great Asia Uru4500
Great Asia Uru4500 512
Pixel resolution: 512 dpi (average x, y over the scan area)…


HARFO HL30 Keyless Touchscreen
★ 3 ways to unlock: Fingerprint, password, metal key….


HARFO HL22 Keyless Keypad
★ 3 ways to unlock: Fingerprint, password, metal key….


Verifi P5100 Premium Metal
Use this product for logon to WINDOWS 7, 8, & 10. Works with Windows HELLO….



Futronic FS80H Single Fingerprint
Fingerprint scanning window size is 16x24mm…


FS25 USB2.0 Fingerprint
Captures an un-distorted raw fingerprint image into PC in 100ms…


VA201410L100 II
Anviz L100 II Fingerprint
Professional, elegant, exquisite, compact and stylish design by famous designer…



Secugen EA4-0088A
Secugen Hamster Iv Fingerprint
Fast and accurate verification…






Adel Three-in-one Biometric
Two more lock cylinder,1 hammer,1 screwdriver,1 drill,1 file–Teach You Set it up Step by Step, Totally DIY , no more cost….

[Door thickness] 38-80mm…$499.99…

  • High-precision clock chip
  • …$68.00…

    Latent print rejection…$79.39…

    Windows Hello allows secure authentication to supported apps and websites…$39.99…