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Defeway DVRs, NVRs, Cameras, and More.

Industry standard features built into an affordable, dependable package, simple to use and integrate into your personal setup, Defeway gives you a Home Security System actively watching out for your safety, and giving your family piece of mind.

The complete line of Defeway DVR, NVR, Hybrid units offer 4, 8, 12,or 16 channel inputs for a large array of surveillance viewing options.

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About defeway security

To protect the safety of our life and property is of most importance as the world is imperfect.

As a company dedicated to offer the security system solution which is easy to install, the DEFEWAY has been serving for many years in the security system industry, deeply knowing clients’ demands for security. Therefore, the DEFEWAY would be the best choice when you are looking for your security cooperation partner.

The DEFEWAY is a world-wide leader in the video surveillance market, offering cutting edge video security camera and surveillance connect system. To make sure that your family and company are safely protected, you should choose a camera surveillance system as a life style.

After using the security solution of the DEFEWAY, you can monitor person you care about and your property through your PC, phone or lap-top anywhere at any time no matter you are at home, in company or on your journey.

Secure your world with DEFEWAY!

  • Review and playback from internal Sata 3.5 hard drive (a popular PC type hard drive) with vivid and sharp video. Great storage up to 1TB meets all your needs of storage and data access speed.
  • Clarity of image is dependent on type of security cameras used with DVR or NVR. DVRs are an analog type system, and record to a hard drive or storage device and can either be internal or external to the DVR. NVRs will send the signal to a server or ecloud enviroment. Defeway security systems support many types of HD and IP Cameras using (ONVIF) format. View, and control your system on PC monitor or TV (with HDMI input) thru simple, on-screen menus. Very user friendly Interface via computer mouse allows full control of multiple channels . On screen data gives precise navigation of footage.
  • USB Wi-Fi adapter can be used for a truly wireless system. Simply use the USB adapter in the USB port of your DVR or NVR for communication with your wireless router or modem.
  • Connect to any size monitor or TV. 3 Output connections including (HDMI (for HD TVs), VGA (for PCs), and BNC (for video monitors) can all be used at the same time for up to three monitors at once!
  • Built rock solid with industry standard features. Top shelf value and features at a great price.
  • One year warranty.
  • These DVR’s make Defeway a little nervous…Q-See|Intellitek|Anran
    DVR Units

    Looking for an affordable solution to record security camera or IP camera output? These units offer features to keep you in control of the action. Simply connect to a monitor to use the on-screen menus to control motion detection, time stamping, record fps, alert email settings and more.

    Access from anywhere

    with live viewing via network connection and the free eCloud App for iphone, ipad and android phones. Apps also available for windows, blackberry phones.

    NVR Units

    Sending your web cam or security camera (such as a Defeway brand camera) signal to the internet has never been easier or less expensive. Defeway NVR systems use an IP camera to process the video, the NVR send the processed data to a network or router.