You Knew Something Might Happen When Your Away... Ignored... Then Your Regret Not Following Your Gut Instinct.

Entire Room Video -- Family and Property -- Safe -- There are Simple Ways to Secure Your Boundaries

EzViz is one of our Top choices for new-to-security folks that just want simple, yet powerful cameras and dvr that are designed to compliment each other. Capture Intruders Via Motion Detection and Smart Phone Notification Alerts. EzViz has top shelf components wrapped in sturdy outdoor-ready camera housings, and brilliantly styled DVR/NVR desktop units. Eye-catching colors too. They specialize in HD cameras for home security use. Spaces such as the outdoors, baby nursery, and indoors areas. 4 channel models save on installation time and management from the user. Well thought out layout give the on-screen user menus a fresh navigating feel. Time stamp and channel settings are present. Along with resolution controls for recording cameras. 720p,960P,and 1080P are the real water mark in security cameras from EzViz to date. For a great resource of knowledge about said EzViz products you can check EzViz website for manuals and service help. Included a 1TB or more security-grade hard drives house weeks of digital footage. Its really unreal how much these hold.

Save with a Multiple Channel System Today and Have It Installed YourSelf. The basic handyman tools will do. If you prefer a real tight fit look and feel, maybe a skill set well experienced in home remodelling or renovation, and a varied tool set are needed. Keep in mind these require a small amount of time to install, set-up, and configure, and be patient. You can do this and it may take a spoonful of patients once the un-boxing is over with. View the entire range of EzViz for more options and Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!

multi channel home security layout

EZVIZ Camera 360° Dome Camera MINI Coverage-CS-CV240

By EZVIZ, Inc.


EZVIZ Camera Features
  • REMOTE CONTROL to see 360° around the entire room using the EZVIZ Camera 360° app. Voice control using Alexa with IFTTT. Always adding new features and functionality with one-click updates.
  • NIGHT VISION automatically switches for crisp HD video when it’s dark. Receive motion detection alerts through the EZVIZ app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • SMART MASKING PRIVACY MODE quickly turns off audio/video recording and live viewing. Security and encryption using multilayer security and end-to-end video encryption.
  • LISTEN IN AND TALK while away using the built-in speaker and mic.
  • MULTIPLE STORAGE OPTIONS to choose from. A cloud storage option is available, and includes a free one-month trial with 7-day playback. For storage locally, camera accepts up to a 128GB micro SD card for storage beyond the cloud.
Available Color

Height 4.45in. Width 3.68in.
Length 3.68in. Weight 0.64lbs.
EZVIZ Camera CS-CV240
EZVIZ Camera
 EZVIZ Camera CS-CV240
CS-CV240 EZVIZ Camera


Product Description
EZVIZ Dome Camera MINI 360° Coverage Pan/Tilt HD Wireless Security Surveillance System, Works with Alexa, Night Vision with Smart Privacy Mask

EZVIZ cameras keep get smarter by adjusting to the ever-changing world of technology. The cameras come with an adaptable platform that is capable of adding new features and functionality as they become available. With just the press of a button, you can automatically update your cameras for smarter, more integrated devices. See more of your home and check in on your family and pets from anywhere with the EZVIZ 360°. Control the camera from your phone or tablet with the EZVIZ app and pan 360 degrees and tilt 140 degrees from anywhere. Receive alerts whenever the camera detects motion, such as when the dog gets into the trash, and use the built-in speaker and mic to hear and talk to family and pets. **EZVIZ Camera Studio recommended for Desktop – Download from The EZVIZ 360° camera automatically switches to night vision for clear HD video when it’s dark. For privacy, you can also turn off audio/video recording and live viewing by pressing the smart mask button. When using Amazon Echo and IFTTT with EZVIZ cameras, you can create recipes and give voice commands that help your cameras and smart devices work around your life. Enjoy a free one month cloud storage trial with seven-day playback for each purchase of EZVIZ Wi-Fi cameras. Every video is protected by multi-level security and secured with end-to-end video encryption.

EZVIZ Camera 360° CloudPlay

storage uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to securely store all of your videos. To save locally, the Mini 360 includes a built-in microSD slot that holds up to 128GB. The 10-foot power cord and magnetic base make it easy to place the camera on walls or ceilings. Package Contents : 1 x Mini 360 with Stand 1 x Metal Mounting Plate 1 x Ethernet Cord 1 x Adhesive Foam 1 x Screw Kit 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Quick Start GuideExplore this more…

Technical Details

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Final Conclusion:

You Don't Want Something To Happen When Your Away... Don't Ignore It... When You Regret It Follow Your Gut Instinct.

Once Connected, Your Viewing Your Property, LIVE

Capture Moments an Intruder may break-in and storm your house via smart alerts straight to your mobile device. 8x zoom and audio recording capability are good evidence tools too. The brand EzViz can introduce a complete security option for your family without the complicated contracts, computer set-up headaches, and long hours reading over and over trying to understand the manuals take on things. EzViz can help with customers service too.

Benefit your castle, upgrade the power of technology that your home utilizes with an affordable solution. EzViz is one of 's favorite brands to work with. Thanks for visiting our page and check often for the latest currently offered by the security camera market.

Cost Comparison Chart:Top Security Camera Systems

Current Prices as of 09/25/2017 04:31 PM EST

Product Inventory Price
EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor IP PoE Surveillance-BN-1G28A3
Available 4
EZVIZ Smart Home 1080p Security Camera-BD-1G2CB2
Available 0
EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance-BD-2828B2
Available 2
EZVIZ Mini HD 720p WiFi Home Security-BCV-112
Available 0
EZVIZ Mini HD 720p WiFi Home Security-CV-100 (Mini 16GB)
Available 1
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