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FS25 USB2.0 Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader/Writer-FS25

By Futronic


Product Features
  • Captures an un-distorted raw fingerprint image into PC in 100ms
  • Live Finger Detection: Special electronic circuit is built into the device so that only live finger can be scanned into PC.
  • With a combination of fingerprint “Match on Device” and ISO14443A Mifare card Reader/Writer, FS25 is perfect for real two-factors authentication
  • ISO14443A compatible Mifare card and has all the necessary card function such as format card, issue card, read card, write card, copy card, erase card
  • Allows using fingerprint without storage of fingerprint data in the system.
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Product Description
FS25 USB2.0 Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader/Writer

Futronic’s FS25 USB2.0 Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader/Writer combines a fingerprint scanner and an ISO14443A compatible Mifare card Reader/Writer into one device.
FS25 is a standalone fingerprint matcher and can do “Match on Device”. Under the control of PC via USB interface, it captures a fingerprint image, extracts the minutiae (fingerprint characteristics) and then stores to its internal memory. The stored fingerprint can be used to match with a freshly captured fingerprint and matching result is sent to PC for authentication. Its internal memory can store up 100 fingerprints.
1. User shows the Mifare card and FS25 read the fingerprint data stored in card.
2. Then put finger and FS25 scans the fingerprint image.
3. FS25 matches the scanned fingerprint with the fingerprint data read from the Mifare card.
4. The matching result is sent to PC for authentication
• USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device
• Work on Windows XP and Vista
• With a 2 meter standard USB cable
• Size, 50 x 73 x 35 mm
• Weight, 200 gram
• Operation temperature: -10 to +55 Degree Celsius
• Supply voltage: DC 4.5-5.5V via USB port
• Power consumption: active FS25.

Technical Details
Product Summary


FS25 USB2.0 Fingerprint
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UPC# 013964256727

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