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This is perfect for parents with children sleeping in another room... Portable design allows you to get your work done while bringing the monitor with you.

iBaby Monitor M3s Wireless Digital Baby-iBaby M3S

By iBaby


iBaby M3S

Item iBaby Monitor M3s Wireless
Price $193.24

iBaby M3S

iBaby Monitor M3s Wireless Digital Baby Monitor with 360 Rotation, Night Vision and Two-way Speakers…
The iBaby Monitor follows your little one with a swipe of your iOS touchscreen. See your baby from your mobile device and when baby’s movement or cry activates alerts, you can respond immediately. Two-way audio lets your voice give comfort wherever you happen to be. Remotely rotate monitor (pan 350Degreeand tilt 70Degree)from anywhere. Motion and sound alerts with notifications. Infrared night vision. Clear video resolution with zoom function.

iBaby M3S

    View your baby remotely on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
    Remotely rotate monitor (pan 350 Degree and tilt 70 Degree) from anywhere
    Two-way audio lets you listen, talk, and sing to your baby
    Snap and Share photos with friends and family instantly
    Free iBaby app

iBaby M3S

iBaby M3S
Available Color


Height  5.12  in.
Width   4.33  in.
Length  4.33  in.

Weight  1 lbs.

iBaby M3S
iBaby M3S

iBaby Monitor M3s Wireless Digital Baby







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