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Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Movement-32041

By Levana



Item Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable
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Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Vibration Alert and Audible Alarm, White/Purple…
Oma+ Movement Monitor When baby is sleeping deeply, you should feel relief not worry. At Levana, we know the urge to compulsively check on a soundly sleeping infant is almost impossible to resist. That is why we are so proud to bring you Oma+. Oma+ is a cordless and battery-powered movement monitor that can easily be used everywhere you and baby go. Oma+ clips directly onto the diaper at the belly button area and senses baby’s tiniest movements. The sensor will gently vibrate to help encourage the return of regular movement after 15 seconds of complete stillness and will beep loudly to alert you if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds. Bring home Oma+ with your precious little bundle and begin your adventures in parenting knowing that your baby is safe and sound in the hands of LEVANA. Oma+ Powered By SnuzaView larger The Oma+ is Portable and CordlessView larger Sensor Detects the Slightest Movement Oma+ clips snugly onto baby’s diaper and senses baby’s tiniest movements with a soft, flexible sensor at the belly button area. Because your baby is in constant contact with the sensor, it is unlikely to give a false alarm, unlike an under-the-mattress monitor. Knowing you will only be alerted if the situation is critical will help you feel more at ease during baby’s deepest sleep. Vibration Alert for Baby If the sensor detects more than 15 seconds of complete stillness, the monitor will gently vibrate against baby’s tummy to help encourage the return of regular abdominal movements. Audible Alert for Both You and Baby If no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds, an alarm will beep loudly in an attempt to rouse baby and to alert you that your attention is required immediately. (Levana strongly recommends all new parents and caregivers become familiar with infant resuscitation and call 911 immediately if baby has stopped breathing.) Optional Movement Alerts Oma+ can also be set to detect weak and irregular movements. If abdominal movement is occurring less than 8 times per minute the movement indicator light will flash orange and a different warning tone will sound. This feature is enabled by default but can easily be disabled. Completely Wireless & Conveniently Portable We know that the safest sleep environment is a crib with all wires and cords at a distance of more than three feet away. This is why it is so important that your movement monitor is battery-powered and does not require you to run dangerous cords within or near your baby’s bed. The included long lasting battery and convenient battery life indicator lights are all you need to keep the Oma+ sensor reliable and your baby’s sleep environment free of wires. No need to disassemble and reassemble a movement monitoring system every time you head to the grandparent’s house. Oma+ movement monitor is compact and battery-powered, so you can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, because there are no wires, Oma+ is safe for use in Moses baskets, bassinettes and playpens. Oma+ ApplicationView larger Features Vibration stimulation after 15 seconds of no movementAudible alarm after 20 seconds of no movementMovement-rate Indicator to warn about weak or infrequent movementSmall — it fits onto baby’s diaperPortable


    Movement monitor alerts both you and baby if no movement is detected
    Vibration alert helps stimulate the return of regular abdominal movement after 15 seconds
    Audible alarm after 20 seconds of no abdominal movement
    Portable, battery powered monitor with no wires or cords; Use anywhere baby sleeps
    Superior clip keeps the soft sensor snug against baby’s abdomen


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Height  2.75  in.
Width   1.78  in.
Length  0.98  in.

Weight  0 lbs.


Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Movement







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