MarCum Dual Beam True Color Sonar Flasher-LX-5

By MarCum


Product Features
  • 2,500-watts power
  • Dual Beam 8/20 degree Transducer
  • Super Fine Line Technology – produces 3/4 inch Target Separation – anywhere in the water column, and in Zoom Mode
  • Patented – Infinitely Adjustable Zoom
  • Patented – True-Color® Display. Snow Shield Faceplate included. Deluxe Padded Soft Pack included. 12-volt 9-amp battery included. 3-Stage Automatic Battery Charger included. Two year warranty. Made in the USA with US and imported parts
Available Color

Height 8.5in. Width 10.5in.
Length 8.75in. Weight 0.93lbs.


Product Description
MarCum Dual Beam True Color Sonar Flasher System LX-5

Marcum LX – 5 TrueColor Ice Fishing Sonar System. The latest, most powerful ice fishing performer, with crisp TrueColor display and SuperFine resolution! Clearly superior Marcum flasher performance and value, clearly superior new display, and new SuperFine resolution! This Sonar flasher has a patent pending 3-color TrueColor display for improved color separation and crisp contrast, even in bright sunlight. And the SuperFine precision goes down to 3/4″ target separation. Plus a rechargeable battery and automatic charger. Minnesota’s Marcum just doesn’t know when to get off the water when it comes to exceptional ice fishing tech: 2,500W peak to peak power for premier penetration and precision; Patented adjustable Zoom Mode can be moved anywhere between the surface and bottom to display suspended fish as well as separating those hard to see bottom-huggers, like walleye; The SuperFine Line technology brings target separation to 3/4″ in the entire water column; Dual Beam Ice Fishing Transducer with both 8 and 20 angle options for the best in both deep and shallow water performance. Switch angle cones with just the touch of a key.; 12-level Interference Rejection knocks out “noise” from nearby sonar units; 12V, 9Ah rechargeable battery, and fully automatic 3-stage digital charging system with battery monitor; Embroidered, padded soft case included. Electronics shuttle with adjustable transducer arm, power cable, gimbal bracket; Maker’s 2-year warranty. Manufactured in the USA.; Make the move into the best fishfinding technology! Get yours now! Marcum LX-5 TrueColor Ice Sonar SystemLX-5.

Technical Details
Product Summary


MarCum Dual Beam True Color

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