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Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video-SEW-3037W

By Samsung



Item Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless
Price $199.99


Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 3.5 inch…
With just the touch of a button from the parent unit, you can adjust the view remotely as neededView larger Pan, Tilt, & Zoom The SEW-3037W Baby Camera supports pan and tilt function for your convenience! With this function, you can locate your baby remotely without concerning camera coverage. This function can be operated from a parent unit with the button on the monitor. Also, you can look your baby more closely by using zoom function that supports 2X. Now there is no need to worry about your baby’s location and movement, because the SEW-3037W baby camera unit can follow your baby. Watch Your Baby Even In The Dark Samsung is known for their high resolution display technology. The baby camera unit for SEW-3037W displays video with VGA (640 x 480) resolution for a clear and crisp video image. The SEW-3037W camera has night vision capability and you can keep an eye on your baby even at low or no light conditions. In addition to the night vision capability, the SEW-3037W Baby Monitor has a remote activated night light on the camera. Keep an eye on your baby, even in the dark. Interference-Free Up To 900 Feet* & Two Way Talk Parents can be assured that the pure digital signal provides secure and interference free video of your baby. And with a range of 900 feet, you have the freedom to do what you have to do without losing signal. Unlike other devices, the pure digital signal allows the SEW-3037W Baby Monitor to function uninterrupted by wireless routers, microwaves, or cordless phones. Parents can be assured that nothing will cause an interruption in to the monitoring and caring for their baby. You hear your baby stirring but you can’t get to him or her right away. With the SEW-3037W monitor, not only can you hear your baby but you can talk to your baby too. With our two way talk feature, soothe him or her with the sound of your voice. Voice Activated Power Saver Mode (Standby Mode), Easy To Use, And Expandable Select to monitor significant sound with reduced ambient noise. The screen goes off in “VOX” mode if there is no significant sound louder than a certain level within 1 minute. Meanwhile, the monitor screen turns on as soon as detecting sound around the camera. The SEW-3037W Baby Monitor is easy to set up and easier to use. The camera can be powered by A/C power. Your monitor is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. Just charge and go. Samsung’s custom user friendly interface makes navigating through the options a snap. Lastly, your monitor can support up to four cameras. SafeVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor At A Glance: 3.5″ high quality color LCD displayVGA(640 x 480) resolutionSecure and interference free 2.4Ghz FHSS signalPure digital signal up to 900′(274m)Remote control pan, tilt, and zoomRemote controlled built-in night light to sooth little one to sleepNight vision allows for low light viewing up to 15ft with non-visiable IR LEDsTwo-way talk audio/built-in mic & speakerMonitor LEDs indicate five levels of soundFlip stand with belt clipQuiet mode to remove white background noiseLow battery warningUses A/C power and rechargeable battery (only parent unit)Expandable up to four cameras Product Name & Model SEW-2001WView largerSimple & Secure Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor SEW-2002WView largerSimple & Secure Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor (Two Parent Units) SEW-3036WView largerBabyVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor (3. 5″ LCD) SEW-3037WView largerSafeVIEW Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Video Baby Monitor (3. 5″ LCD)VOX (Voice Operated Switch)✓✓✓✓Out of Range Alert✓✓✓✓Sound Level Indicator✓✓✓✓Infrared Night Vision✓✓Two-Way Talk (Communication)✓✓Expandable System – Additional Camera Up to 4✓✓Built-in Belt Clip✓✓✓✓Remote Pan and Tilt✓


    3.5″ high quality color LCD display, secure and interference free 2.4Ghz signal, VGA(640×480) resolution
    Remote control pan, tilt and zoom, remote controlled built-in night light to sooth little one to sleep, time display
    2-Way Talk Audio/Built-in Mic and Speaker, quiet mode to remove white background noise, expandable up to 4 cameras
    Pure digital signal up to 900′(274m), Uses A/C power/rechargeable battery (only parent unit), monitor LEDs indicate 5 level of sound
    Night vision allows for low light viewing up to 15ft, Non-visible IR LEDs, Low battery warning, Flip stand with belt clip


Available Color


Height  9.5  in.
Width   11.2  in.
Length  4.5  in.

Weight  1.1 lbs.


Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video







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