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Schlage Biometric Hand Reader HP1000-HP1000 Serial Connection

By Ingersoll Rand-Schlage Biometrics

Schlage Lock Company

HP1000 Serial Connection

Item Schlage Biometric Hand
Price $995.00

HP1000 Serial Connection

Schlage Biometric Hand Reader HP1000 with AMG Attendance Software 50 Employee License…
The AMG Employee Attendance Software supports 50 number of employees, policies, shifts, categories and other objects. Is a Client-Server application. Has a user-friendly Configuration Wizard which navigates the users through the process of settings configuration, by giving step-by-step instructions and showing the right order of configuring system’s settings. Has a Comprehensive Reporting System, which includes more than 30 reports, each of which is being generated within seconds. Generated reports can also be printed, saved as different file types and automatically be sent to any e-mail recipients. Enables generating payroll reports to be used by 3rd party payroll systems (ADP for Windows, Quick Books Pro, Paychex Preview, Peachtree 2003). Enables auto execution of some processes such as Running File, Running and sending Report by e-mail, Polling Device, Database Optimization and Database Backup. Tracks employees’ benefit hours such as vacation and sick hours. Has a database backup, restore and optimization tools.

Upgrade to 100 Employees-$100.00.
Upgrade to 250 Employees- $250.00.
For more information please contact roman@time-masters.com .

HP1000 Serial Connection

    Schlage Biometric HP1000 Serial Connection
    AMG Attendance Software (50 Active Employees)
    User Friendly
    Many Payroll Exports
    30 Custom Reports

HP1000 Serial Connection

HP1000 Serial Connection
Available Color


Height  0  in.
Width   0  in.
Length  0  in.

Weight  0 lbs.

HP1000 Serial Connection
HP1000 Serial Connection

Schlage Biometric Hand Reader HP1000







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