Security Cameras for Apartments

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security systems for apartments

Landlord Friendly Security Cameras

Today there is no need for a non-secure residence, home or apartment. Whether your an owner or renter, high quality cameras coupled with increasingly small digital circuits, give anyone right now, the advantage of having powerful security camera systems for apartments for not a lot of money. The most impressive and productive aspect of modern day security cameras is the ability to function wireless-Ly. Yes a wireless network camera only needs to plug into a power source. This gives it freedom to be located in small spaces or spaces some distance away from the local WiFi router. Motorized features can give the user a look around the room from a remote location. Apps and smartphones give users fingertip control of the entire system. has a wide selection of IP based, wireless security cameras that will work perfectly in rental property or apartments. The low commitment to wiring and a permanent installation make these cameras great for DIY installers who can’t put holes in their walls. Because they are not your walls to begin with.

Smaller Spaces need Security Too.

ip camera for apartment security

We all need our stuff secure to some degree. Some of us don’t even lock doors to our homes, while others have several methods for securing a residence. What should you do if you don’t own the place your living? You don’t have to be left out. Wireless IP cameras can let you see your stuff when your busy and away from home.

Privacy Laws with Security Cameras for Apartments

There are a few concepts to consider before hooking up a security system in your apartment or rental property. With many residence in close proximity of each other, privacy and cameras tends to be an issue that perks up peoples heads. People generally don’t want to be recorded on video if its not THEIR own video. Consider what direction your camera will view. Is there another residence in that field of view? What about another persons windows or doors? If it does record property that is not yours you may have a legal issue with the owner if problems occur. Be aware of where your camera records and what it records.

Most apartment buildings don’t want you to install a camera at your front door, or backdoor if you have one. They won’t let you alter the building. This may limit how you use your new wireless camera for an apartment. Just use common sense and you should be fine with the plans you have for a web cam or network camera in your apartment.

Ever Wanted a Magic Mirror or Crystal Ball to See All?

Today the most popular format for video surveillance within the home is the network cameras- or IP camera. The simplicity of use make it ideal for home WiFi networks. Needing only a few connections to make it transmit video, its catching on quick for monitoring important locations at home. Plus lower costs over time help drive sales. Let's Discuss Network Cameras and some features of IP cameras and how they will work for your needs.

Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security
Works with Amazon Alexa/Echo Show/Fire TV – View your live video with a simple voice command…


Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR 2
100% Wire-free – Free of power cords and wiring hassles…


Samsung SPE-101

Samsung 1CH H.264 Network
Real-time 30(25)fps at high resolution(4CIF)…


Connection Made!

Cloud or Web Access

IP in IP camera stands for - Internet Protocol. Thats it. What does that mean exactly? It basically means the internet is the standard method used for this device. System functionality comes solely from the internet service you connect it to. This service is also known as your LAN(Local Area Network) connection. Now this does not mean there has to be a wire someplace. Well a power plug is typical for powering the camera. After that its a wireless communication to your router. Meaning placement can be above a cabinet, under a cabinet, beside books on a shelf, anywhere good viewing angle can be achived. Speed of transmission depends on your home internet speed and power. Higher resolutions demand higher data transfer, so a more substantial internet rate is perferred but not a necessity. Who decides how an IP camera talks to computers and sever clouds? ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) sets the regulations for protocols concerning IP cameras and network connected devices.

Now the magic will become clear how this works for viewing anywhere in the world. What an IP camera actually does is it assigns itself a web address. Not too unlike a server used to contain many web address and web site data. Your camera will have an address findable in any URL bar of most browsers(There are always a few odd ones). Now when the HD network camera is up and running, you can access with your phone, a computer, tablet, by the time you read this maybe even you fridge can get on to web pages. Please comment if this is true. Anyway, so with a few top end models offering 2-way audio, its a full blown webcam at this point. Generally IP cameras are in the security camera genre.

Faleemi 1080P Full HD Pan/Tilt
Superb full HD 1080P (Resolution of 1920×1080) Video at 30fps. 24/7 Record and Playback via local Memory Card (Max. 128GB), FTP Upload, and Blue Iris….


SANNCE HD 720P Mini Wireless
Your World in 720P HD:See everything in beautiful color and super clarity with this HD camera. It helps you keep close eye on your lovely children and pets. All captured by this camera will be presented to you via fluent and stunning videos…SANNCE Mini Wireless


EZVIZ Dome Camera MINI
REMOTE CONTROL to see 360° around the entire room using the EZVIZ app. Voice control using Alexa with IFTTT. Always adding new features and functionality with one-click updates….



IP Camera Resolution

Top end of the resolution scale is of course the 1080 HD clarity. Or at least it used to be. Now 4K UHD has arrived and it will expand our capabilites like no other. Many cameras achive this mark. However, keeping in a budget, lower resolutions can be found. Also tilt or zoom features will add to the overlying cost of the product you chose.

PTZ and More Features

PTZ...well what's that? PTZ means - Point, Tilt, and Zoom. Yes, many Network cameras can move about giving a real look around the enviroment. There are some protocols or languages that decide what digital words are used for PTZ and how DVR's use this information. The two types are PELCO-D,and PELCO-P'. Zooming is on average a 8x-10x multiple. Not bad for these little devices. IR gives accurate night sight in even the biggest of rooms. IR does not illuminate at frequncies the human eye can see, but the camera can. It shines bright on everything in front view and natural darkness still remains. One interesting feature a couple cameras provide is a remote control. Not only can you drive it with your phone app, a remote for home use is included. View our Inventory for More...

Pyle Outdoor IP Camera
AUTOMATIC NIGHT VISION IR: Check the bullet video surveillance camera live feed in the dark up to 50′! Protective aluminum housing is heavy duty and include sun hood shade to reduce glare….



TuoP@ Vstarcam C7837WIP
TuoP@ Vstarcam C7837WIP
one key wifi configuration means no net cable needed to install the camera. In the special app “eye4”, there are voice instructions that can make you easier to know about the camera…


HDView 2.4MP 4-in-1 1080P
4-in-1 (TVI/AHD/CVI/960H) Camera…


SereneLife Pro HD 720p
Setup – 1 Account – 1 Login… Instant Remote Access to Live and Recorded Video Using Apple/Android Mobile App or Windows/Mac PC…


EZVIZ Mini HD 720p WiFi
EXTRA WIDE 130° view and 8x digital zoom to capture the entire room….


Vimtag VT-361 Super HD
Advantages: Pet Monitoring, Nanny Cam, Business Monitoring, Security, Vacation Home Monitoring, Senior Monitoring, Remote Live Video Streaming via Smart Phone, Tablet, and PC App, No browser needed…


Hikvision Multi-language
Hikvision Multi-language
2MP Network Mini PTZ Dome Camera,Support ezviz cloud P2P…


Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I
Up to 4 megapixel high resolution (2688 × 1520) | Full HD1080p video…


CV-100 (Mini 16GB)
EZVIZ Mini 720p HD Wireless
CLEAR VIDEO in 720p high definition with 8x zoom and audio recording capability….


EZVIZ Mini 720p HD Wireless
CLEAR VIDEO in 720p high definition with 8x zoom and audio recording capability….


TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless
Can be used as: Baby Care; Pet Care; Warehouse Surveillance; Office Surveillance; Traffic Monitoring; Aged care; Store Monitoring etc.;…


IP Camera, Reolink 4-Megapixel
4-Megapixel (2560×1440) Super HD Security monitoring system, also supports 1080P / 720P…


360-degree full motion rotational camera & fold-and-go portability…$28.99…

Connect to iVideon and Record and View your Camera’s History in the Cloud…$59.99…

  • View up to 15-Feet (5-Meters) in darkness with IR LEDs
  • …$159.99…

    Sdxc memory card slot for local storage, email and mobile notification…$356.20…