When Locked Doors are Ignored... Only Video Evidence from Your Security System Will Save You

Entire House Protection -- Family and Property -- There's an Easier Way to Secure Your World

Capture Intruders Via Motion Detection and Smartphone Alerts. Save with a Multiple Channel Securityman DigiLCDDVR4 4-Channel Wireless-DIGILCDDVR4 System. Systems today can capture intruders at an eye-blink speed with unreal clarity.

Don't be intimidated
by wiring or hardware bags. Its pretty straight forward and most folks will get it done in no time, with great results. Some adjusting after install is typical. Lighting situations, outdoor objects such as trees may present unknown blocks you needs to work around. User interfaces have been honed to give a smooth and intuitive experience when controlling settings and feature options. Layouts are self-explanitory. With picture quality in the HD format for day and night vision senarios, definition is of a high standard with shadows and contrasts, details and figures easily captured.

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multi channel home security layout

Securityman DigiLCDDVR4 4-Channel Wireless-DIGILCDDVR4

By Mace Group Inc / Macally Peripherals




Securityman DigiLCDDVR4
Price $402.39


Top Features

  • Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to setup and use 2.4GHz digital wireless recording system
  • Space saving 7″ LCD monitor with an Integrated SD digital video recorder (SD card not included)
  • Weatherproof (IP54) CMOS color camera for indoor and outdoor applications
  • No Wi-Fi interference; no interference from crowded analog 900MHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz/6.0GHz devices
  • Motion detection and manual recording with optional video or picture selection
Securityman DigiLCDDVR4 4-Channel Wireless Security System, 7-Inch LCD/SD Recorder with 4 Night Vision Wireless Cameras …
DIGILCDDVR4 4-CH wireless security system-7” LCD/SD Recorder & 4 wireless cameras w/night vision & audio SM-816DT SM-816DT SM-816DT SM-371DR SM-371DR

What’s Inside:

4 x Digital wireless cameras with antenna and bracket; 1 x 7” LCD monitor with antenna and SD slot*; 4 x Power adapters (DC 5V/1.0A for cameras); 1 x Power adapter (DC12V/1.0A for LCD monitor); 1 x User’s manual*SD memory card not included. (Supports regular SD card, max 32GB class 4 or higher, not micro SD card)

Go digital with your wireless security needs

— the simplest and most secure way to protect your home and business. The DigiLCDDVR4 is a do-it-yourself complete digital wireless security system which includes four weatherproof digital wireless cameras and a 7” LCD/SD DVR combo. Compared to full version digital video recording (DVR) systems, the DigiLCDDVR4 is much less complicated to operate, much more affordable and can be installed in minutes. Simply insert an SD card (not included) into the LCD monitor, position and mount the cameras, plug in all the power adapters and you are ready to record. In comparison to the traditional analog wireless technology, digital wireless provides three key features which include: Increased range of transmission, secure signal and unlike analog, the digital signals are virtually interference-free from crowded wireless analog devices such as: Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwaves, and cell phones. One key advantage of our QUAD recording system is playback. Our DigiLCD DVR series playback QUAD recorded footage in a single large screen as opposed to other similar retail products which playback in a smaller QUAD screen image. NOTE: All wireless camera kits require AC power adapter unless specified otherwise.


Do-it-yourself easy to setup and use 2.4GHz digital wireless recording system. Space saving 7” LCD monitor with an Integrated SD digital video recorder (SD card not included)Simple installation — no video cables required. Includes four digital wireless cameras with IR LEDs for night vision (30ft B/W)Weatherproof (IP54) CMOS color cameras for indoor and outdoor applications. Increased range of transmission up to 200ft between walls and up to 490ft in clear line of sight. No Wi-Fi interference; no interference from crowded analog 900MHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz/6.0GHz devices.

Secure signal:

neighbors cannot pick up the signal or listen in. Built-in microphone for audible recording up to 30ft away. Motion detection and manual recording with optional video or picture selection. Auto overwrite function when SD is full. Records 15-second video clips per motion detect in MP4 format with time and date stampDigiLCDDVR4 records up to 65 hours in single full screen of an active camera or 260 hours for all four active cameras in Quad mode using a 32GB SD card. RCA audio/video output interfaces from receiver to monitor for display. Upgradable by adding up to 4 total digital wireless cameras. Records 1 channel or all 4 channels at the same time (in Quad mode)Single channel full screen, auto sequential rotation or Quad view display. Playback directly from the receiver or PC via SD card reader with any MP4 player software. Infrared filtered camera for best vibrant color picture

Available Color


Height  7  in.
Width   9  in.
Length  13  in.

Weight  6.5 lbs.


Securityman DigiLCDDVR4 4-Channel Wireless
Availability Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

Newest Design Features and Modern Mobile Expandablility Make This an Easy Choice for Your Needs.

Satisfaction 100% Guarenteed! Shop hassle-free with a complete refund policy if not truely happy with your product(s).

Wireless network connections, one button firmware updates, wide angle view, weatherproof cameras housings-these are just a small sip, yes a sipity sip of what our latest arrivals have to make your life a whole lot less worrisome and safe. We love the 8x zoom and audio recording capability of some the models.

Please take some time to read thouroughly about the product you are interested in and decide if it fits you home and security persepective. Does it have the capability to do whay you invision a 4, 8 , 16 or more multiple channel security system doing for you on a daily basis? We offer a no-problemo refund policy and its no questions, no hassle for a return when you shop with us. We are connected to the #1 electronic retailer worldwide. It honestly believe the current return rate is, well, about two items in the past year and a half, so we want our customers happy and knowledgable about what they get from CameraSecurityReviews.com. Thanks for visiting our page and check often for the latest currently offered by the security camera market.

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