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WiFi Baby 3: Wireless iPhone, iPad, Android-WFB2014

By WiFi Baby

WiFi Baby


Item WiFi Baby 3: Wireless iPhone,
Price $259.99


WiFi Baby 3: Wireless iPhone, iPad, Android Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam DVR. Video, Audio, Recording. Anywhere. …
“Beautiful day or night video, Peace of Mind – Check in Securely, Anywhere” -TIME review
Top Reviews by TIME, Engadget , CNET and parenting sites. Search “WiFi Baby Reviews”
WiFi Baby 3: The next generation of WiFi Baby has arrived.
We’ve refined what customers love about WiFi Baby and enhanced our top reviewed WiFi network baby monitor by adding requested features and a streamlined user experience.
WiFi Baby 3 is both a stand-alone, wireless camera and a Nanny Cam. Using the camera’s DVR, you can record while you’re at work or on date night. No viewing or recording fees. Ever. No cloud service, server or account required. Connect via secure “MyWiFiBaby” URL on iOS, Android, Mac or PC. Anywhere.
Features at a Glance
* Video, Audio, Alerts on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC on WiFi or any data plan. Anywhere.
* Superior “true color” video via IR cut filter in day and low light
* Streamlined setup – Secure “MyWiFiBaby” URL for “away” Nanny Cam viewing
* MyWiFi Pro – Free Expert Setup Assistance – Phone or Screen Share by request during the Day, Night or Weekend
* Faster chipset, Realtime video on mobile apps
* Apps: Multitask on device with audio, alerts in background (alerts iOS only)
* Expandable. Up to 4 WiFi Baby cameras on screen (sold separately) -simultaneous video, audio, alerts (iOS feature only)
* Bandwidth Friendly – H.264 Video, streams when “called” by apps/browser
* Built in “Nanny Cam” DVR up to 32G
* Night Vision up to 30 feet.
* Compatible up to latest OS: iOS 7.0+ Android 4.4+, Mavericks, Windows 8
* In Box: Camera, Stand, AC Adapter, Setup Guide, Power Cable Clips, Screws


    WiFi Baby 3 – Released 2/18/14: Peace of Mind. Refined. (Model WFB2014) | Wireless Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam DVR | Video, Audio, Alerts on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC. Anywhere – WiFi or Data Plan (LTE, 4G, 3G) | American Company – US Based Service & Support
    Streamlined Setup – Preconfigured secure MyWiFiBaby URL for “away” viewing on iPhone, iPad, Android apps or any browser on Mac or PC. Anywhere. | New, Faster Chipset
    Superior “True Color” video in daytime & low light | Night Vision Precision up to 30 feet – see entire room | RealTime video on iPhone, iPad, Android apps
    Multitask on your mobile device (email, text, use other apps) while audio, alerts run in background | Expandable. The only WiFi Network baby monitor that allows up to 4 cameras on screen with simultaneous video, audio, alerts (iPhone, iPad feature only)
    MyWiFi Pro – Free Expert Setup Assistance – Phone or Screen Share by request during the Day, Night or Weekend | Internal Nanny Cam DVR – Scheduled Recording up to 32G (with MicroSD card). No cloud service involved. No viewing/recording fees. Recording handled by camera itself


Available Color


Height  3.1  in.
Width   8.9  in.
Length  6.6  in.

Weight  0.01 lbs.


WiFi Baby 3: Wireless iPhone, iPad, Android








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