Wireless Driveway Alerts and Alarms.

Wireless Driveway Alert systems provide a signal, either audio, video, or combination of the two when a remote trigger is activated.  Placed along drives and paths to alert of anyone coming or going.

Types of Driveway Alert and Alarms

Wired Pressure Sensors
Wireless Magnetic-switch Alerts
Wireless Solar-powered Alarms and Alerts
Wireless Motion Detectors
Wired Motion Detectors
Wireless Multi-zone Alert Systems

When a vehicle drives up, the transmitter signals the receiver (sold separately) to alert you…$125.87…

  • Even works if the burglar is wearing gloves
  • …$12.44…

    High/low sensitivity selection; up to 40-Feet…$14.25…

    Up to 6 month battery life…$34.99…