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Why Zmodo?

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– The Beginning

In the beginning, there was IR light, from two Zmodo security cameras activating night vision because the motion detection was triggered.   The burglar had no idea they were being recorded.  This same burglar had no idea they were going to jail either.   Zmodo has yet again given home owners the technology to secure and protect the thing they love.  Their mission statement: “Our mission is to help simplify our customer’s lives by providing affordable and innovative connected products for a seamless connected home and office experience.”

The company was started in 2009 with the goal of providing high quality, well designed video surveillance products backed by their strength of excellent customer service. Home innovation in the field of automation and security has been the driving force for many years now. Technology has blossomed granting Zmodo the pathway to design simple plug and play devices at an affordable cost. Can you really put a cost on home security and the mental health of your family? There sales of nearly 8,000,000 outdoor home security cameras, and recently the explosion of wireless IP cameras tells the story of reliability.

Commercial Properties

386,000.  That’s equal to how many square feet Zmodo’s manufacturing plants in Shenzhen and Jiangsu combined.  A regulation size football field is 57,600 sq.ft..  So this means they have a production site about the size of 6.7, or almost 7 football fields large.  Yet they still have another 46,000 square feet in Shenzhen dedicated to research and development alone.  They have obviously practiced a business model of reinvesting in production which is good for us consumer’s wallets.

Customer support carries a lot of responsibility taking care of people’s needs and issues.  Other than having a quality product to sell, customer service is job #1.  Zmodo has built a support center in Champaign, Illinois.  Keeping service centers in the US allows the company to better meet the demands of their users, and provides quick turn-around times for priority issues and warranty claims.  The Champaign location also handles logistics for most home based products throughout the world.

Innovation sound great.  But it’s easier said than done.  That’s why Zmodo has built an innovation and design facility located in Fremont, CA.  Fremont is one of the worlds premier spots for technology companies and their employees to grow and develop.  Large technology firms such as Tesla, Logitech, and Lam Research are all residents to the area.

Smart Home Devices

NEW Window and Door Sensors

zmodo beam and door and window sensors

New intelligent setup techniques make your home monitoring system even easier to use. ‘ Zmodo Beam‘ allows a ‘one click’ startup as a central communication hub for all  your connected devices.  The Beam can extend WiFi signal as well with an additional boost up to 200ft at 300MBs.

Door and window sensors compliment the newest lineup of Zmodo complete security systems. These will alert you when a window has been opened or broken and if a door has been opened or kicked in. Once the trigger from a sensor sent to the DVR it activates the other units in the system to turn on and start recording.

Beam also triples as a LED night light.  It also is advanced in its class as it can be constantly lit, and motion activated.

The Cameras

A quality security camera is only as good as the components it is made of. From the chassis housing to the PCB ball-array soldering, or SMT integrated circuitry, the entire package has been refined to give the user years of trouble free service. Zmodo engineers are energized to find better and simpler solutions to home automation and security. From stand alone IP cameras, CCTV digital outdoor cameras, DVR and NVR units, or the latest upgrade in smart home software, Zmodo is continually improving their commitment to excellent home products.

Built-In Features
  • PoE or WiFi Ready
  • 2.8mm Lens
  • 24 LED Night Vision
  • 1/4 in. Color CMOS Image Sensor
  • 12V DC Power
  • Weatherproof (All-Seasons)
  • Compact Conspicuous Designs
Apps Apps Apps

Zmodo provides an App for the smartphone with their products.  One feature is regular updates and security enhancements to keep things in check.  Aftermarket apps such as security camera apps on phone screenBlue Iris are very reliable and provide secure backup as does the Zmodo app.  The included app has specific functionality related to that specific product.  Also there is cloud storage to a limited capacity.  To access your cameras simply enter ‘user.zmodo’  into your web browser and log in with your ID and password.  Either route you choose you can be sure that many hours of code writing and testing has gone into each product.

Zmodo CCTV Security Cameras

zmodo dome and bullet cameraCCTV or ‘Closed Circuit Television’ seems like an out-of-date term but it is very relevant in discussing today’s modern security camera systems. Zmodo is no stranger to CCTV systems. It’s right in there wheelhouse from the start of the company.  The cameras chassis’ are constructed with IP65 and IP66 specifications making them ideal for all weather conditions and they can withstand the abuse of destructive perpetrators. They are remarkably small for there ability to record great quality video.   The image sensors and night vision LED’s work to capture true-to-life photos and videos.  Models vary in features as some may include simplified PoE dynamics for easier wiring and connections.  You can get motion alerts with Video Clips in the Zmodo App when motion is detected.   Camera colors can range from dark charcoal grey to basic white making them easy to conceal and keep your home looking like a home, not an institution.

4 Channel Systems

4 simultaneously channels all recording after a motion detection will cover a number of rooms or yard spaces at once. Imagine viewing all 4 security cameras at one time in a quad pattern on the screen. That a great feeling knowing how easy and fast it is to watch over things you want safe.

Here are some of Zmodo’s 4 Channel Complete Security Systems for review. We can’t cover all of the 4 channel products as that would overwhelm us all due to the volume of models in the catalog. We look at some key characteristics that make Zmodo security cameras what they are.  View live videos on your smartphone, tablet anywhere there is internet. Smart recording modes reduce wasted recordings.  Record 8 cameras up to 45 days or more with high capacity hard drives. Because of things like the HDMI ports, you can view 8 cameras’ live feeds on your large-screen HDTV/Monitor.   You will get motion alerts with Video Clips in Zmodo app when motion is detected.  Safe offsite recording can be done with the App provided to use with your system.  Using bank-level AES 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS), Zmodo Cloud keeps everything backed up.

4 Channel Zmodo Systems:  Current Prices as of

Product Inventory Price
Zmodo Simplified PoE Security System
Available 3
Zmodo 4CH 1080p HDMI NVR ,4 x 720p HD Cameras
Available 6






Many of the top security system makers have a range starting with 4 channels, and each branch of systems has more channels and more cameras.  Here is a look at the standard Zmodo 4 channel security system for home or office use.  Its got bullet type cameras for easy mounting and positioning.  It also has a 720P HD resolution NVR with its life like clarity.

Zmodo Security Camera Simplified PoE Security System — 4 Channel NVR & 4 x 720p IP Cameras and 1TB Hard Drive
720p color image sensors and 2.8mm lenses, the cameras allow you to capture images with 720p HD resolution as well.   IR LEDs provide 65′ night vision which until manufacturers use higher wattage LEDs or just plain more this is a great average for distance.  Most things you would want to record anyway will be withing 65 feet.   81º diagonal field of view allows you to view a wide area.

Zmodo 4 channel security system with nvr

zmodo security camera and smartphone live viewing in persons hand














Here is another great 4 channel system. Its got similar features to the 4 channel mentioned above.   Cameras connect with one single cable with an Ethernet cable specifications.   720P HD ultra sharp picture quality makes your eyes smile.   Also a 500GB hard drive for days of recording time.  2.8mm lens.  65 feet of night vision as well.  The best part, this unit happens to be wireless!  Zmodo 4CH 1080p HDMI NVR with 4 x 720p High Definition Wireless WiFi Smart Outdoor Indoor Home Video Security Cameraszmodo 4 channel wireless cameras



8 Channel Systems

Imagine having 8 sections on your home wide screen tv all showing your home and yard right from the comfort of your recliner.  Oh that sounds great.  Well it is easy to do and after the small setup time, you have powerful modern day surveillance for the whole premises.  Zmodo is great at making the larger systems.  The components work in harmony together and will give years of service.

8 Channel Zmodo Systems:  Current Prices as of

Product Inventory Price
Zmodo 8 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR 500GB
Available 6
Zmodo 8CH 1TB
Available 7
Zmodo 8CH 720P P2P
Available 1











This model is the ZM-KW2007-500GB.
It is an 8 channel configuration. It comes with 4 outdoor cameras of the bullet chassis with 1080p resolution recording.   It has the bullet cameras for outdoor installation.  A less wide viewing angle lens keeps the focus where it needs.  IP65 chassis certification makes these as weatherproof as your car tires.  IR night vision ranges up to 65 ft.  Motion control of the dome cameras can be done on  you smart phone with the Zmodo App.  Its free.  The cameras can tilt 90º to go around the room so you can monitor everywhere.

The best part is this ones wireless.  WiFi network transmission and reception give this system a big plus in the installation and setup category.  ZM-KW2007-500GBAn HDMI NVR captures all the time events with a wireless reception from the WiFi cameras. The great part is it comes with a set of 4 Indoor 115º wide angle cameras to record inside the property too. Internal is a large 500GB Hard Drive for days of footage space. Zmodo has produced an App, yes it sounds complicated, but you have probably done more complicated things on your phone this week and don’t realize it. It’s gotten really easy to click a few buttons and password and WA-la. Done.

Next up is another 8 channel system with all the features we now know are found in Zmodo products.  2.8mm lens, 1/4 inch light/image sensor, bullet camera designs, and 1080P NVR! This one is great because it comes with a pre-installed 1TB hard drive.  That is a double size drive compared to many Zmodo NVR’s.  This model is the ZM-KW2003-1TB

8 channel zmodo security system with 1 tb hard drive




Third we look over the Zmodo 8 Channel 720p HD Simplified PoE NVR P2P High Definition Outdoor Indoor Built-in IR-CUT Video Surveillance Home Video Stable Security Camera System w/ 1TB Hard Drive QR Code Scan Remote View in Seconds Smart Recording.

zmodo 8 channel security systemThis HD series security systems has Simultaneous 8 Channel recording and playback.  Again with the double than standard 1TB HDD drive storage.Easy time line functions and transport controls for moving to events and finding valuable data. Uses the PoE(Power of Ethernet) for convenient cable routing throughout the home.  H.264 video compression to extend storage capacity.  Smart phone live viewing of course.  Remote settings control with the on User Interface as a part of the Zmodo App.

Package Contents

  • 1 8CH Security NVR (ZP-NE18-S)
  • 1 1TB Hard Drive Pre-installed in the NVR
  • 8 720p HD IP Camera (ZP-IBH15-S1)
  • 1 19V/3A Power Adapter
  • 1 1M(3ft) CAT5e Network Cable
  • 2 15M(50ft) Camera Cables
  • 6 25M(80ft) Camera Cables
  • 1 USB Mouse
  • 1 Quick Start Guide


32 Channel Systems

Picture sitting on the couch and turning on the wide screen TV.  Now set the input to the HDMI for your Zmodo 32 channel surveillance system.  Watch in amazement as the screen is divided into 32 parts displaying cameras around your home and property in real time video.  It is simpler than you might make it out to be.

32 Channel Zmodo Systems:  Current Prices as of

Product Inventory Price
Zmodo 32 Channel w/16 HD & 8 WiFi IP Cameras
Available 1

Here is a prime example of a 32 channel Zmodo home system.

32 channel zmodo security system

This mighty systems has plenty of coverage for every and any possible route across or through your property.  32 cameras with motion detection, night vision, 720P HD clarity, sPoE which is the ‘Simplified’ cat5 cable version of PoE and I65 ratings.  zmodo camera diagram  All the features you can expect to see in a top of the line Zmodo product.  16 of these cameras are of the sPoE variety, and 8 are IP cameras with WiFi capability.  The two boxes in the picture are the repeaters.  They provided the ports needed for the PoE cameras to connect to your router.  They each have 8 ports and more can be added drive all 32 channels with sPoE cameras.



Here we can see the complete package includes cabling, repeaters, NVR, sPoe Cameras, and WiFi cameras. zmodo 32 channel complete security system It is similar to smaller systems in operation, just much more footage and security.  The drive is not included sadly. There is a compartment with access panels for adding up to 6TB of HDD space.  It is up to you what size drive to install.


Zmodo IP Cameras

Now it time for the indoor desktop/bookshelf IP cameras.  Sporting features like 1080P resolution and 350° pan camera head, they are very useful and effective cameras.   The model is the SD-H2001-A.SD-H2001-A zmodo ip camera This camera is also a centralized hub for the additional door and window accessories.  They connect to the camera and active it when triggered.


Next is the Zmodo True HD Mini WiFi Wireless Wide Angle Indoor Home Video Security Camera.  This is a live video camera only.  It does record still images.  It doesn’t record video. This slick camera relays the video to your smart phone and allows 2 way talk via the phones speaker and mic.  Cloud storage save still images of motion detection alerts.  The model is the  ZM-SH75D001-WA.


zmodo ip camera live stream camaera



The Zmodo EZCam 720p HD WiFi is another light weight frame camera that streams live video directly to your monitoring internet connection.  The offered cloud service gives you the past 36 hours of video as storage.  Adjustable base moves 180° forward and back. Motion detection to trigger alerts and video streaming with still image notifications. Crisp and clear 720P resolution and 2 way audio are some of the highlights of this innocent little camera. Don’t let the size trick you, it has a suitcase full of features.

zmodo EZcam 720P


IP Cameras: Current Prices as of

Product Inventory Price
Zmodo 1080p IP Camera WiFi Wireless Video
Available 5
Zmodo True HD Mini WiFi Wireless Wide Angle Indoor Security Camera
Available 14
Zmodo EZCam
Available 5


Best Rated Zmodo for Home

*** Top Choice From Actual Users ***

With so many different models and security packages to choose from it’s hard to narrow down all that is available. That is where customer ratings come in. From large 32 channel camera arrays, to IP desktop units Zmodo makes them all, and makes them well. So what is the most popular model as of late? The most popular Zmodo camera as of 2017 is the Zmodo EZCam Pro – 1080p HD Wireless Kid and Pet Monitoring Security Camera.   This is the same as the EZCam from above in the IP cameras section, but with two main differences.  One, it has HD 1080P resolution instead of 720P, and two, it’s black, not white.   Yes it comes in two colors for you to choose.   zmodo ezcam kid and pet monitor in black color White and Black chassis.  They both have:

  • 2 Way Audio – Built in speaker and microphone.
  • Cloud Storage – Up to 36 hours capacity free storage to cloud.
  • Mobile Alerts – Get notifications and alerts to your smart phone when motion detection or night vision is activated.
  • HD Video – Truly stunning HD video and image capture from Industry Leading CMOS Image Sensors.

zmodo ezcam phone screenshot

Why Zmodo?

Zmodo is one of the few camera manufacturers that develop and design their own hardware and software. They produce CCTV cameras, entry sensors, DVRs/NVRs, IP cameras, and now Smart Home accessories. They show time and time again how dedicated they are to simply making the best stuff for your home and your hard earned money.
Since the start of the DIY home security market, Zmodo has been there building reliable systems with features homeowners want like alert notifications, high resolution cameras, and easy installation with PoE and wireless components. This motivation is not diminishing, in fact it is expanding into whole house devices and integrated network hardware all controllable via smart phone or laptop computer. Now with Zmodo Beam it is even simpler to configure multiple units within a single system. Zmodo really is taking things to a new level.

U.S. customer service.  Yes, North American based customer service.  Do you need more of a reason than that.  It’s hard to count the number of United States service centers on one hand.  They want the best for their customers and they have the infrastructure and business model to prove it.