4 channel security system

4 Channel Complete Security Systems

Small-Sized Array for Powerful Home Security
Get everything you need in one completely assembled package.

Cameras, Cables, DVR or NVR, and mounting hardware are all included.  You’ll be viewing sooner and easier when the components are selected to compliment each other.  Save time and money.

Many of our systems come with a 500GB up to a massive 3TB hard drive.  Brands such as Q-See, Sannce, Revo, Intellitek,Zmodo…

4 Channel Security Systems with DVR

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4 Channel Outdoor Security Systems 4 Channel System Cameras 4 Channel System DVRs Practical 4 Channel Uses for Home
Cost Comparison Table:4 Channel Security Camera Systems

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LaView IP 1080P HD Built-in PoE 4 Cameras-LV-KND984P44D222-T1
Available 3
LaView 1080P IP 4 Camera Security System,-LV-KND988P84D2-T2
Available 5

4 Channel Outdoor Security Systems

Get 4 Times the Coverage

A 4 Channel Security System is capable of providing home monitoring coverage options with fewer components than larger systems. channel complete camera systems come with cameras, either dome style or bullet style, 4 channel dvr, cables, mouse, manual, and fastener hardware for installation. This reduces costs for the consumer while providing effective home security. The average size home can use 4 cameras to cover entryways,rooms, the garage, and more. Welcome to our range of 4 channel security camera systems, 4 channel wireless security camera systems, camera 4 packs, and compete 4 channel systems with DVRs for your home security needs.

    Admirable Features of a Home 4-Channel Unit-
  • Video Resolution – Ranges from analog 400TVL basic quality images all the way up to 1080P Full HD. If you want true detail and clarity in your footage HD is the way to go.
  • Live Viewing from Smartphone-As of now this is the most requested way to link up to your cameras and view live on the go. Its an industry standard feature and probably will be for years. Software sets you in control as you are able to login to your accout and bring it up live and interactive on you phone. The better WiFi or carrier connection will give a better experience with the streaming of video and buttons on the interface will respoond much faster as a result.
  • PoE Format- This stands for 'Power over Ethernet' and it eliminates cable and gives a much easier installation.
  • Motion Detection & Notification- This feature has been included into virtually every security system for home use. A camera cannot record 24/7 without losing data due to overwrites(more on this next) so having a trigger as motion detection helps reduce unwanted data storage.
  • Expandable DVR-Does the DVR allow chaining together many DVR together to scale up your HDD capacity?
  • Wired or Wireless- Do you want wireless cameras for an even easier installation, or do you want the tried and true hard-wired systems? Each method has pros and cons so get the one that fits your individual needs.
  • Monitoring GUI – Well presented graphical user interfaces are the dashboards for controlling all that happens within your security system.
  • Final ThoughtThis is an investment. It will pay for itself in piece of mind and safety. If you have a budget, there is a 4 channel system that will be the right fit.

Zmodo 4 Channel 1080p HDMI
720p high quality HD resolution with NVR System. Check live video anywhere anytime on smartphone or web.IP65 rated cameras cover indoors and outdoors. HD resolution cameras with automatic IR for night vision to see up to 65ft in darkness…


Wireless Security Camera
4 Channel 1080P Wireless Security Camera System for Villa, Home, Office, Shop, Warehouse or elsewhere(Indoor/ Outdoor). 2TB Hard Drive Pre-installed. Please Note that this is not Battery Powered Cameras. Wireless Camera System Doesn’t Mean You can Use it without Any Cables. Power Supply still Needed to Power on the Cameras and NVR (Smonet doesn’t Take Charge of Installation). Powered by Stable Power from nearby Outlets, 24×7 hours Live Surveillance….


Funlux 4 Channel 1080p
Easy Setup – Simplified Power over Ethernet, Just connect the NVR to your router using the included Cat 5e cable, and then linking cameras to NVR….


4 Channel Camera Specs

CCTV Analog to Digital 1080P HD

4 Channel camera systems come with an array of either dome style or bullet style cameras. These get there names from their shape. Domes cameras are great for ceilings and are more discrete. They can sometimes have a tinted cover to conceal the lens and internal components. Dome cameras can have automated functions like pan, tilt, and zoom lens making them good for busy locations where lots of movement is taking place. Bullet style cameras are mountable to ceilings and walls because they usually offer a swivel mount base. The positioning is typically static and unchanged once mounted and pointed in the correct direction. Some do offer automated features such as pan and digital zoom. Each 4 channel complete system is packaged with a certain arrangement of domes or bullets to optimize the usefulness of the system. CCTV cameras can vary in resolution according to the DVR and system specs. Choose the one that will accomplish your individual goals.

4 Channel DVR Specs

Poe,Wireless,2-Way Audio and More Features

DVRs and NVRs do a lot of the work in a security system. They control inputs, outputs, sensors, timers, modes, double as a power supply for cameras, and more. Bells and whistles can be heard even when its in the box...kidding. But seriously there are many functions for editing, record modes, sensor compliments, and these are all simplified with the GUI interface. This will let you set specific settings for channels, recording, and set events as markers in your footage timeline. DVR units can connect to inside sensors such as those used on doors and windows and also temperature sensors. The DVR unit will compliment the included cameras resolution and have the optimal HDD capacity. Of course the hard drive can always be exchanged for a larger one. Many of todays systems will use Poe technology which eliminates power wires for each camera. With a 4 channel unit it will mean 4 less wires to route through the walls. A DVR will have a specification as to the applicable resolution format it can handle.

Audio can be a useful feature and many DVRs have this built-in. Inputs for audio from the cameras and your microphone, and outputs for powered speakers and intercoms. Reaserch each 4 camera system for complete details.

LaView 6 1080P IP Camera
Offers true Plug and Play with a built-in Poe. Simply connect the IP camera to a Cat5 cable, connect it to your NVR and your system should automatically detect the camera that’s ready to view…


Zmodo 4CH 1080p HDMI
Zmodo 4CH 1080p HDMI NVR
Easy Setup – Create an account, enter your WiFi password, and follow easy in-app instructions to connect your NVR and camera system. You’ll have a live view of your cameras within minutes….


ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P
The Wireless System Don’t Mean You can Use the System without Any Cables. You have to Connect them to the Power Adaptors for Supply Power to Camera and NVR. No Need Video Cables…


Practical 4 Channel Uses for Home

Common Areas of Video Coverage
  • Front Door/Entrance
  • Driveway
  • Pets
  • Alternate Door/Entrance

EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor
COMPLETE PREMIUM SMART HOME IOT SURVEILLANCE KIT – View and record 4 critical points of your home or business on a built in 1TB security grade hard drive….


ELEC 4CH DVR 960H Video
4 water and dust proof outdoor indoor use CCTV security cameras IP66 weatherproof, 960H 4 Channel DVR recorder system (hard drive sold separately, recommended HDD: Seagate, SATA2, 2.5″), the ELEC monitoring system connects you to kids, pets, and life at home so you won’t miss any important moment, peace of mind all the time….


A-ZONE Security 4
A-ZONE Security 4 Channel
Plug-and-play cameras with built-in PoE means the ONLY thing you need to set up your camera is a single Cat5 cable. Built-in PoE means no struggling with wires when you can be spending your precious time running your business and being with family. Quick, effortless installation lets you get set up and start recording sooner….


A-ZONE 4 Channel 1080P
AHD(1080P) DVR with 960P 1.3MP IP67 Heavy-Duty Metal Weatherproof Bullet outdoor security Cameras 100ft / 30M night vision: Provide you Crystal Super Clear image with affordable price. It’s the best security cameras for your home and business….


A-ZONE 4CH 960P NVR Wireless
720P(1280×720) HD Network IP Camera: More Clear & Crystal Image.High resolution 960P NVR heavy-duty metal weatherproof 720P cameras for excellent video quality and clarity.36 IR LEDs monitoring at night. Open space 100 meter, room with walls is 30 meter. detection range (about80 feet) away, to ensure that the surveillance video and mobile detection with Night Vision.NVR also have 3 net port, you can use cable if wifi cannot cover….


Smonet 6 Channel 960P,6PCS
1. NOTED: The Wireless System Doesn’t Mean You can Use the System without Any Cables. Power Supply still Needed to Power on the Cameras and NVR.(We Don’t Take Charge of Installation)…


EZVIZ HD 1080p Home Security
24/7 SECURITY with a 4-channel DVR home security system, including a 1TB security-grade hard drive….


LaView 4 1080P 3MP IP Camera
Let no detail escape your cameras – 3MP power allows you to zoom in without losing clarity on license plates, faces, and other key identifiers! The security cameras can capture all the important details in razor-sharp precision….


Sharp picture quality: Real-time HD 1.0MP 1280 x 720p IP camera; 3.6mm fixed lens for wide angle view. 24 LEDs night vision and IR-cut offer you the clear video footage at any time….


Annke 4CH 720P
Simplified Power over Ethernet – PoE technology, a single network cable directly connects each IP camera to the NVR, supplying both power and video signal. No more video cable is needed….


EZVIZ Home Security Camera
24/7 SECURITY with a 4-channel analog home security system includes a 1TB security-grade hard drive….


Night Owl Security B-A720-41-4
4 Channel 720p AHD DVR with pre-installed 1TB hard drive…


Swann SWNVK-870854T-US
Swann’s latest network video recording security system with 720p high definition live viewing & playback in real-time (25/30 fps per channel)…



Night Owl Security B-AZ4-4HD7-1
4 Channel 720p AHD DVR with pre-installed 1TB hard drive…


Floureon 4CH 960H
Floureon 4CH 960H Onvif
Support Capture and Record in your smart phone. Support 4 channel simultaneous live viewing via your smart phone….


Zmodo Outdoor Security
Smart Phone Quick Remote Access…


LaView LV-KN988P84A4-T2
LaView LV-KN988P84A4-T2
Offers true Plug and Play with a built-in Poe. Simply connect the IP camera to a Cat5 cable, connect it to your NVR and your system should automatically detect the camera that’s ready to view…


Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog
Amcrest’s HD Over Analog (HDCVI) offering finally brings crisp 1280x720p (1280tvl) resolution to the closed-circuit platform, allowing you to take advantage of existing CCTV/coaxial infrastructure and save cost over IP….


Amcrest 960H Video Security
4 High Resolution 800+ TVL IP66 Heavy-Duty Metal Weatherproof Cameras for Excellent Video Quality and Clarity….


Annke® 4CH 720P HD POE
720P HD Recording – Provide bigger and detailed image/Never Miss One Moment…


720P HD Recording – Provide bigger and detailed image/Never Miss One Moment…


DEFEWAY Home Security System
Includes Pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive(7*24 for Security Dvr)…


DEFEWAY Home Security Camera
Internet & Smartphone Monitoring Anytime&Anywhere,Remote Access and Control…


Dripstone 3 Megapixel
Complete Kit With Everything You Need! Includes a 4 Channel 3MP NVR, 4x 3MP Mini Bullet IP Cameras, 4x CAT5 Connectors, and a bonus 16GB Flash Drive for Footage Backup…


Defeway D08AHD1-4xC720AH1-2000G
8 CH HD-AHD supporting 720P & 960H recording….


ZOSI 4CH Full D1 H.264
Comes with 4pcs 700TVL HD cameras support 65ft Night Vision No HDD pre-installed…


ZOSI 700TVL security camera
Outdoor / Indoor Day and Night Waterproof IR Bullet Camera…


SM PKG805: 3MP Outdoor
Everything included: 2TB Surveillance-grade HDD (pre-installed) | Ethernet cable | HDMI cable | NVR power cable | USB mouse | SATA cable for additional HDD | 4-pack mounting screws for additional HDD | (Additional hard drive not included)…


SANNCE 8CH Full 960H Video
New 900TVL High Resolution Superior 110FT Night Vision Cameras…



Zmodo 4CH 960H DVR
Zmodo 4CH 960H DVR 4x600TVL
4x 600TVL Dome Outdoor & Indoor Security Camera…


Zmodo 4CH 720p HD
Zmodo 4CH 720p HD Simplified
720P HD Crystal Clear Image…




Zmodo 4CH 960H DVR
Zmodo 4CH 960H DVR 700TVL
4x 700TVL Outdoor & Indoor Security Cameras…


ZOSI Home HDMI 4CH Realtime
H.264 4Channel Superior 960H Display High Resolution DVR with 500GB HDD…


HQ-Cam® 4 Channel
HQ-Cam® 4 Channel 720P
Megpixel Security Complete System…